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Comfortable Modern Recliners for Small Spaces

When it comes to choosing furniture, comfort is king, and the best recliners for small spaces are those that you can enjoy without restrictions. Whether you're a tiny home owner, an apartment dweller, or simply have a room with minimal square footage, you can shop around and find many solutions that will work for you. Before you start shopping, however, keep some important considerations in mind. What size chair will fit in the space and still leave enough room for you to walk through? What type of fabrics fit your ideal solution: do you like leather chairs or those made with microfiber? Keep these factors in mind when shopping for recliners for small spaces, and you'll find the one that suits both your tastes and your home.

Types of Recliners

The best recliners for small spaces are the ones that let you sit back and relax after a long day. Whether you want to watch TV or snuggle up with a book, these chairs combine both comfort and convenience in a single seat. There are several reasons why you should consider adding one to your home. If you're currently going through rehabilitation or have chronic pain, you can find recliners for small spaces that have massage and heating functions. These features work your muscles while you're seated. Those with lumbar support and extra padding help increase your comfort, reducing strain on your back and neck for better posture.

Type of ReclinerCommon Uses
Rocker, Glider, or Swivel BaseRockers and gliders are comfortable chairs that offer a smooth back-and-forth motion to keep you moving. Ideal for a living area or bedroom, they also work well in a nursery to rock babies to sleep. Swivel bases give you a full range of movement so you can turn in multiple directions and sometimes a full 360 degrees.
Wall HuggersWall huggers are a type of recliner for small spaces that require less wall clearance. They can sit almost flush against the wall and still recline to give you optimum comfort.
Lay FlatLay flat recliners work well as a dual-purpose chair. You can sit up during the day while watching TV, or lay the chair completely flat, like a bed, for nighttime use.
Power ModelsPower recliners for small spaces are those that have built-in electronic controls that raise and lower the footrest and recline you to your desired level. They don't have manual handles or levers.
Lift ChairLift chairs have a benefit if you suffer from mobility problems. They have a built-in mechanism that raises you up to a comfortable level to help reduce strain on your muscles.

Shopping for Recliners: Considerations

When shopping for recliners for small spaces, it's important to know the size of your room along with how much room you really have to work with. Choosing small spaces furniture solutions typically means working with a small footprint, but there's no need to sacrifice comfort. Most manufacturers design several smaller models that put your needs first.

The first question to ask yourself is who plans to use these chairs the most? The best recliners for small spaces are the ones that fit your needs, whether you live alone or have small children and pets. Next, it's time to choose your fabric options. Microfiber, cotton, and polyester fabrics are easy to clean and maintain, making them especially valuable in busy homes with multiple users. You can even add protective covers or a stain repellent to protect against spills, dirt, and dust. Leather, suede, and vinyl add a sophisticated element to a room, but they require more upkeep to maintain the fabric's condition.

Fitting your decor theme is important, too. Match the colors and design as best as you can. For example, if you have contemporary small spaces furniture, you'll want to keep within this theme for a unified look. Pair darker colors with wood small spaces furniture and lighter colors with metal or glass furniture to create an inviting space. The other option is to overhaul the look of the room by purchasing all new furniture components and starting from scratch.

Add Versatility to Your Living Space

Modern recliners for small spaces take your busy lifestyle into consideration. They're not just stylish, they're functional too, with all of the added features that make life simple. Many recliners for small spaces have built-in storage, either in the arms or seat area. You can easily use these compartments to store remotes, magazines, or books. If you're watching a movie, cup holders and snack trays eliminate trips to the kitchen or cluttered coffee tables that are just out of reach. Another feature you can enjoy in modern recliners for small spaces is the addition of a USB charging port. Charge your smartphone or tablet while you're relaxing and stay connected whether you're browsing through your social media sties or working remotely.

Don't let a room with minimal square footage stop you from buying the furniture you want. With many options available, you can easily browse through several recliners for small spaces by feature, displaying only the ones that meet your criteria. Keep your ideal setup in mind when shopping, and break out the measuring tape to make sure it'll fit. Before you know it, you'll be relaxing in style—your style.