5 Tips for Choosing the Right Gift for Your In-laws

When building up a relationship with your spouse, it's also important for the parents to warm up to you, and one of the easiest ways to do this is by choosing the right gift for them. Finding the best gift for your in-laws is a fun and entertaining process, especially while learning more information about them to convey your desire to bond. Talk with your spouse for a little help coming up with a creative gift idea that supports their passions or to figure out some sentimental tokens of friendship. These people are part of your family for the rest of your lives, which is what makes your choice important for your budding relationship. If you don’t know the best path to take, here are some tips to guide your decision. 

1. Make an Event of It

As you and your loved ones get older, you may work more and play less. Turn the gift-giving moment into an interactive activity where everyone can have a lot of fun. Even though the focus is the present, take the time to set up an activity around the gift. Try a scavenger hunt to bring them to all the places you like to go together, surprising them at the end with a painting or a game you can all play together. For something fun to do at home, pack the present into colorful gift boxes that get smaller as they get closer to the prize. If your in-laws enjoy hidden messages, try concealing their unique gift within a hollowed book or battery-operated stuffed animal.

2. Offer an Experience

When you think of the celebrations or even the holidays that you spend with your family, the parts you remember the most are the times that everyone is together and happy. Why not recreate that happiness by giving an experience, rather than a conventional present? Theater tickets or a weekend getaway let your in-laws take some time together that they may not prioritize for themselves. If they enjoy eating out, then offer them a gift card for an evening out at their favorite eatery. When their preference is to stay home, bring them a gift set of treats and goodies with a copy of their favorite movie. If you aren’t sure which experience or gift idea they would like best, dip into what you know from their younger years, and recreate an experience that they loved through art or vintage pieces. Regardless of the experience you come up with while choosing the right gift for them, your in-laws will appreciate the token of indulgence.

3. Make it Personal

Choosing the right gift is easy when it comes from the heart. Take the time to get to know your spouse’s parents to see what they enjoy the most, or learn from your time together. Take the photos you have of the four of you and put them in frames as a special present or make a collage with the pictures that they can add to their decor. Use what you know about them to express your appreciation in your unique gift, whether you want to find personalized towels or shop for their favorite flowers with a vase that complements their home.

4. Be Silly

Just as much as everyone loves to have a personal experience with loved ones, they also enjoy laughing. The process of coming up with gift ideas is fun, so make the choice less formal with something that goes beyond the classic gag present. With one small detail about your in-laws, create a hilarious present that takes their hobbies or preferences to the extreme. Do they have a pet that they adore? Bring home the largest stuffed animal that you find similar to their four-legged family member. If your in-laws have a favorite snack, like cookies or chocolates, buy it in bulk. You have the chance to make this experience unforgettable, and laughter is one of the best ways to bond.

5. Choose a Gift That Keeps Giving

To mimic the staying power of the relationship with your spouse’s family, find a present that lasts. Create a personal ornament for each person in your immediate family that your in-laws can hang up each year. Find a robe and slippers as classic gifts to keep them warm during the winter months. If your in-laws enjoy adventure, add to their travel luggage, or if barbecue get-togethers is a favorite pastime, peruse their outdoor grilling supplies for items they need.

Your in-laws are here to stay, so be sure to take the time and invest in that relationship. While you may not have the history that your spouse does, you still have many chances to show them how much you love being a part of their lives. With holidays, birthdays, or just random moments, there are plenty of opportunities to give gifts that bring the whole family closer together. Whether you choose a thank-you gift in appreciation of their hospitality or a birthday gift to celebrate another year in their lives, it’s the thought that counts. After putting a lot of thought into your decision, find the perfect present or gift collection for your in-laws that helps cement your place in the family.