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Choosing the Best Desks for Small Spaces

Measure, Measure, and Measure Again

Finding the right desk starts with knowing the dimensions of the area in question. Look at height and width, but don't forget the depth. Most desks extend out from the back or front of the base, so establishing enough room is crucial to making the most out of the best desks for small spaces. Keep in mind that any choices that include drawers or pull-out accessories will need additional room to work properly. Modern desks for small spaces are especially known for using these principles in their designs.

Function and Form

Desks are more than just places for computers or books. In fact, many selections have multifunctional uses that cover anything you can imagine. When searching through features, focus on what's important to you and your needs. The best desks for small spaces should combine everything you are looking for in one convenient package. Store your favorite keepsakes along the top or sides. Add accessories to modern desks for small spaces that complement your own sense of style while keeping things organized. Grabbing a bite to eat is easy on any open spot no matter the desk's material, while wood storage desks offer drawers and compartments to protect your valuables when not in use. Doing the work of several pieces in one item also makes your desk a great value.

Keep It Moving

If you are running a home office, it helps to have office desks that can move. Choose from desks with hidden casters or visible wheels that make it easy to shift the desk to any part of the open space. If wheels are out of the question, consider disk or sliding pads that free up room for other office must-haves. If your space is especially limited, these choices also give you the ability to transfer the desk to another room between uses.

A Style For Everyone

There is something for everyone when it comes to finding the right desk. Modern desks for small spaces feature sleek, contemporary touches. Classic editions focus on traditional wood tones, with some being unfinished. It's not just complementary pieces that perfectly define an area: Think about contrasting items that turn a desk into the focal point of your room.

WoodOak, walnut, and pine are just some of the woods used in desk construction. These strong materials stands up to daily demands and make a great surface when selecting modern desks for small spaces. For centuries, wood writing desks have been popular choices.Accessories
MetalMetal is surprisingly versatile in tone and usage. From desk legs to a full metallic frame, these selections highlight contemporary styling.Place gripping material on handles to ensure quick access to every part of the desk. Choose a material with a complementary finish; even transparent choices look great.
SyntheticSynthetic materials can replicate any texture or pattern. In many cases, these choices are easy to clean and retain their original finish despite continuous use.This type of material is an excellent choice for student desks or desks that will be regularly used by kids. Because they can replicate nearly any material, they can be much more affordable those made from real wood or designer metals.

The Shape of Things

Unique desks for small spaces often use a special shape or design that adds to their appeal. While rectangular shapes are the most commonly seen choices in this category, there are a wide range of options to fit every situation. Whether dealing with modern office desks or classic editions, shape often defines where and when you can use a desk.

ShapeWhat Is It?How Can It Help You?
RectangularA rectangular shape features a longer length along with two short sides.This shape can be great for single-person use. Think about placing your computer at one end and your accessories at the other.
SquareSquare shapes offer four sides that are all the same length.When it comes to the best desks for small spaces, square ones allow two people to take advantage of the area.
RoundRound and oval shapes show a continuous design that is free from angles.Rounded forms work well as a meeting place and can convert into a place for dining or board games in just seconds.
CornerCorner desks highlight an L or V-shaped pattern that fits among cornered sectionsIf your space includes a corner, this category is for you. Designs in this group can easily fit against corners to give you more space. In terms of style, modern desks for small spaces often use a variation of these patterns.

When searching for the best desks for small spaces, you have many options designed to fit in even the coziest of corners—many of which can fit any budget. Choosing the right combination of form and functionality gives you desk that will provide all the things you need when space is limited.