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Choosing High-Quality Living Room Furniture

When you want to create an inviting, comfortable space in your home, high-quality living room furniture can set the tone for decor and styling. Premium pieces lasts through years of constant use and still look good. Consider these living room furniture tips as you search for new pieces for your home. 

Look for the Best Materials

The materials that make up a piece are crucial to determining its quality. Selections that are considered high quality are often constructed with wood or metal. These choices not only give furniture an outstanding look, they also enhance each item's lifespan because they are typically strong and resilient.

MaterialsBenefitsTips For Use
   OakThe dark hue and durability of oak makes it a popular choice.If the oak is used for living room chairs, try moisture-rich cleaners and polishes that bring out the natural details and texture of this wood. 
   CedarCedar's moisture resistance as well as light consistency make it a favorite of high-humidity climates.Unfinished cedar offers a traditional tone that works well among many decor styles.
   MahoganyA strong wood that features a deep tone.Waxed mahogany is easy to maintain: just wipe it with a damp cloth from time to time.
   TeakThis valuable material retains its beauty over time, even when placed in the path of direct sunlight.The nautical appeal of teak makes it a great choice for ocean-themed living room furniture. Use teak stools and chairs throughout the house, even bathrooms.
   SteelSteel is a versatile material that does not fade. Its silvery color comes in both muted and striking tones.Steel is often used for tables and accent pieces. Combine these choices with traditional wooden furniture.
   Wrought IronThis classic material may come from recycled parts, and it offers a classic appearance. It's also used on outdoor pieces that may be brought into living room spaces.Introduce wrought iron pieces from other rooms into living room furniture sets for a touch of transitional styling. Sleep-related furniture such as futons can benefit from its sophisticated appearance.
   BrassThe honey-gold-hue material stands up to high traffic areas. Brass changes and reacts to moisture for a unique mixture of tones. For that reason, let it naturally age to show off an antique-style finish.

Keep an Eye Out for Well-Made Fabrics

For pieces that feature upholstery, a well-made fabric is important to its quality level. The best fabrics for these pieces ultimately depend on how much they will be used and what you're looking for in terms of styling, texture, and color.

High-Quality FabricsWhat Makes Them Special
WoolA breathable fabric, wool is especially helpful in keeping heat regulated throughout a sofa or similar living room wood furniture.
NylonNylon presents a thinner texture but is also strong enough to stand up to day-to-day use. The colors of this synthetic fabric stay vibrant when placed under lighting, and it retains its shape when used on chairs.
CottonThis natural fabric provides added layers of softness and is especially useful for seating areas and throw pillows.
LeatherLeather's durability and textured look make it a favorite of classic home decor styles. A small living room loveseat and sofa pair make an excellent match for the material. 
MicrosuedeThe main appeal of microsuede is its similarity to its natural counterpart, genuine leather suede. This fabric is easy to care for and repels liquids.

Think About Handmade Creations

Handcrafted pieces are often associated with high-quality living room furniture. Craftsmen bring their years of experience to every aspect of the production of artisan-crafted furniture. From choosing the right materials for the project to adding skilled touches only a human hand can create, their attention to detail raises each item's condition. When you're going through your must-have list of living room furniture, look for specialty patterns and intricate woodworking elements in wood-based pieces. Metal items also often have elements that can only be created by hand. The one-of-a-kind nature of handmade pieces typically adds to their value over time.

Solutions for Every Budget

High-quality living room furniture is available for every budget level. Affordable pieces have many of the properties found in higher-priced versions. When dealing with a lower budget, look for one high-quality item, such as a sofa or coffee table, and build the room's decor around it. Transitional styles especially benefit from this mix-and-match styling. If cost is not an issue, go for a full collection with customized details that are often found in modern living room furniture.

Many living room furniture pieces are made to meet excellent standards. When you choose high-quality living room furniture, you're making a smart investment because you get classic, long-lasting pieces that add comfort and beauty to your home. Shop today to find top living room furniture that fits any budget and style.