Choosing the Best Couches for Small Spaces

Couches are versatile solutions when space is limited. The best couches for small spaces are as individual as the person who own them. From fabric to usability, there's a lot to think about when selecting a model that's just right your own home or apartment.

Sizing Up a Small Space Couch

Before bringing a couch into your home, it's important to know the measurements of your room. Look at depth as well as height and width to get a better picture of what you'll be working with while introducing new small spaces furniture. You'll find that both large and small couches have advantages tailored to smaller areas. For example, a large couch is great for minimizing a small space with high ceilings. If you're dealing with lower walls, a small couch can create the appearance of added space.

A Shape That Works

When you think of couches, you might think about the standard design that horizontally stretches out on both sides. In fact, there are more choices available that seem to conform to the unique considerations of any areas with limited space. These sofa shapes have advantages that enhance or even redefine a room.

Couch ShapesDescriptionHow It Can Be Used In Small Spaces
SectionalsSectional sofas are completely customizable and feature an array of choices.Available pieces make it easy to fit into the smaller space. If things change, just take out a piece or two.
DivanThese couches don't have a back but use pillows to fill in the space. They're commonly seen among contemporary small spaces furniture.Place the divan near a wall or backing, and open up the rest of the room's available space.
ChaiseThe chaise design emphasizes an elongated shape and includes a sloped panel near the couch's backing.Chaises are traditionally made for just one person, so they are typically used as a complementary piece to other seating arrangements.
LawsonLawson sofas feature the standard form you usually associate with types of couches for small spaces.These types of couches for small spaces can be set in the center of the room or tightly against a wall. Because of its straight form, this selection creates an unique look when situated near corners.

Complements Over Contrast

Couches should be an extension of the room while complementing existing home decor. Look for styles and fabrics that work with the layout to establish a look you can enjoy. But it's not just fabrics that matter when setting up a theme or motif; think about the frame as well. For example, rustic wood pieces that are exposed match natural or farmhouse designs. Visible metal frames along the arms and base offer a contemporary flare.

Materials That Matter

When you're searching among available types of couches for small spaces, don't forget the importance of fabric. It's not just about colors and patterns: Finding fabric that works with the area is also crucial to finding a couch you will love. If sofas and love seats are in a high traffic area, look for durable choices that will last from year to year. If it's more of a showpiece that will see little use, try unique fabric selections that mirror your favorite clothing.

FabricWhat Is It?Why It Works On Couches
CottonCotton comes from plants and presents a naturally strong material. Blends may also be available.Cotton is easy to clean and stands up to the demands of living room furniture.
LeatherAnimal hide is used to create this strong material. It's usually seen in tan or similar tones.Leather's durability makes it a standout choice among modern couches for small spaces. The timeless appeal of the material highlights classic as well as contemporary decor.
VinylVinyl is a synthetic material with a slick finish.Vinyl is an inexpensive choice that requires little maintenance.
WoolA thick material that is natural but can also feature synthetic blends.Colder climates especially love the warmth and thickness of wool.
VelvetThe soft, silky material often comes in a crushed texture.Velvet offers a decorative touch for couches. Its somewhat delicate construction makes it the perfect choice for pieces that will be used more as a showpiece.

What Else Can It Do?

The best couches for small spaces often have more than one function. Storage options throughout the piece save space and keep other parts of the area open for items such as end tables. If you need somewhere to get a good night's sleep, think about a sleeper sofa, daybed, or futon. During the day, they act like a traditional couch, and at night, you can pull out the bedding elements, many with a full or larger size mattress, to enjoy all the benefits of a traditional bed.

Even small areas can take advantage of couches and their timeless appeal if you do a little bit of planning before making a purchase. With so many types of couches for small spaces, it's easy to see why they are a popular choice when an area is low on space.