Create a Chic and Modern Vibe with Stylish Furniture for Small Spaces

A Buying Guide for Tiny Home Dwellers

Your home may be small, but you can still find stylish furniture for small spaces. Whether you're shopping for your living room, kitchen, or bedroom, you can buy furniture for small spaces that will proudly proclaim your love of chic and modern. The trick to creating the look you want in a small home is to find quality furniture for small spaces that's designed to function in several ways.

Consider This First

Before you start shopping for furniture for small spaces, you should properly prepare. Knowing exactly how much space you have can help you choose the right sofa, table, or bed—so get your measuring tape out.

Make a list of the furniture you need. If you're outfitting a living room, you may need a large sofa, coffee table, lamps, TV stand, and a bookcase. Consider how all of that will look in your space. Is it cluttered or cozy? You may need to nix a few items to prevent the room from looking cramped.

Once you know what you need, decide which pieces are basic needs and which you want to be statement pieces. Of course, these are not mutually exclusive—stylish furniture for small spaces can serve both purposes.

If you prefer clean lines and a minimalist look, you're going to want to avoid rich, dark woods, and you might lean more toward metal and glass. Is farmhouse or shabby chic your personal style? You can buy furniture for small spaces that include distressed woods and soft fabrics.

Now that you know what you need, it's time to start shopping for furniture for small spaces that will help deliver that chic and modern looks and make sense in your smaller home.

Maximize Your Space

One of the best ways to make the most out of your minimized space is to shop specifically for small spaces furniture. These pieces are meant to work in tiny houses and apartments. Nesting tables usually come in threes, with two smaller than the main table. So, when you have friends over and need extra tables for drinks, you have them, but they tuck away when not in use.

You might want to consider loveseats, chaise lounges, or small sofas to use in your living room. Mid-century modern sofas work as stylish furniture for small spaces that gives you that chic vibe you want.

Other contemporary small spaces furniture for your living room include pieces like a small upholstered ottoman—use it for your feet, as a table for a tray with drinks, or for extra seating. This sort of solution cuts down on clutter but also does more than what was intended, which is exactly what you want out of furniture for small spaces.

Double Duty: Furniture That Works for You

When you're looking to buy furniture for small spaces, you need them to do more than one job. A slim bookcase takes up little floor space, and they can hold more than books. You can shop for small spaces wood furniture for style and function, such as a bookcase to place your glassware on display.

If you've never considered a daybed for your living room before, give one some thought. It's quality furniture for small spaces that works as both a comfortable couch and a bed. If you'd prefer something more classic, there are also folding sofa beds that are low-profile and smaller than regular sofas.

A three-piece breakfast set does more than act as a small dining room set: You can find one that includes drawers for extra storage, one that can double as a bar, or one that can accommodate additional chairs to create extra seating.

Another great thing about quality furniture for small spaces is that you can choose pieces that are meant for one function and use them for another. Here are a few ideas:

FurnitureOriginal FunctionCreative Uses
BookshelfStoring booksWardrobe, media console, room divider, pantry
DresserStoring clothesTV stand, kitchen island, bathroom storage, nightstand
Storage benchStore items; provide seatingCoffee table, ottoman, dining room seating, entryway seating
Laptop deskDesk for laptopSide table, TV tray, bed-in-breakfast tray
Wheeled cartPortable storageBookcase, end table, nightstand, bar

Slight in Size Tricks the Eye

A small room can quickly be overwhelmed by large pieces, which is why you want to buy furniture for small spaces that are meant to work well with less square footage. Try a chaise lounge to create a modern but romantic look that offers plenty of seating. Two loveseats instead of a big sectional sofa gives you more room for end tables and bookcases to make the room seem larger.

When it comes to seating arrangements, it's easy to keep your space looking sleek and airy. For example, choose tables with thin legs as they create an illusion of more space because you can see more of the room around it.

If you have a personal computer at home, you need a desk; but you can find plenty of slimline designs that lend themselves well to a modern look, are space-saving, and still work as intended. If you're just using a laptop, consider a laptop desk that sits at couch height and forgo a desk altogether.

Also remember: You don't have to buy build-it-yourself furniture for your small rooms. Whether you lack the time or skill to build tables, chairs, or bookcases, you can find fully assembled furniture that's just right for your needs.

Your Bedroom, but Better

If you're worried about space in your bedroom but still want to create a focal point or add a pop of color, consider a headboard. It rests against the wall, so it takes up almost no floor space and can still be a statement piece.

Also think carefully about your bed. You can buy furniture for small spaces that traditionally take up lots of space but are designed to work in smaller rooms. Choose a frame that doesn't have a lot of bulk to it to keep your bed looking modern and your space open.

Miscellaneous Spaces Made Modern

One of the biggest challenges you may face with a tiny home is storage. If you're lacking closet space, you can create your own with tall, thin bookcases or storage cabinets. They're versatile pieces of furniture for small spaces because you can hide your belongings in plain sight. You get to keep a clean, modern look with a storage cabinet, storage bench, or media cabinet without sacrificing storage space.

Tiny Kitchens Need a Little Help

Another space that may seem challenging in a tiny house is a small kitchen. A kitchen island offers extra surface for food prep, drawers for storage, and usually shelves for holding appliances.

When you're looking for stylish furniture for small spaces but also need a pantry solution, consider a tall bookcase. Showing off your non-perishables can be a modern design on its own.

Bigger isn't always better, and when you start shopping, you'll see that you can buy furniture for small spaces that fit your style and your room perfectly. Consider our selection of durable furniture that can do double duty in your tiny house, and you'll start to see your whole home come together.