Sit Back and Relax: A Chaise Lounge Buying Guide

Whether you like to bask poolside in the sun or enjoy a midday nap in a nice shady spot, you can get your creative juices flowing about transforming your home’s living spaces with different types of chaise lounges. We absolutely love these stylish pieces of furniture because they provide extra seating and can double as daybeds. When checking out different sizes and styles, remember to pick those with aesthetics that suit and enhance your home decor.

Types of Chaise Lounges

As versatile pieces of furniture, chaise lounges go well with most rooms in your home, as well as outdoor spaces. Where you intend to place the reclining seat should determine the style to pick. We highly recommend lounge-style units for outdoor seating and couch-type models for indoor spaces. Remember to pick a quality chaise lounge made of weather-resistant materials if you’d like to bask in the sun and breeze by your pool. Consider choosing one with a lightweight frame or casters that make it easier to move around, and bring it indoors on rainy days to extend its life.

For living rooms, we find cushioned units to be most comfortable and suitable for napping, watching TV and entertaining guests. Some of the popular chaise lounge styles we love have contoured ergonomic shapes that cradle the spine and raise the knees. These undulating profiles offer excellent lumbar support and ensure your comfort whether you’re engrossed in a bestseller or just want to get off your feet after a long day. Need a small couch for your bedroom? Pick a sofa-style quality chaise lounge big enough to sit two, and find bed and bath products that complement it for a coordinated look.

Size Matters

Once you’ve made your pick of the various types of chaise lounges available, it’s time for another fun decision: size. The model you select should be the right size for the room or outdoor space meant for it. It shouldn’t be too large as to overwhelm the room or leave the living area cramped. Chaise lounge dimensions to consider include overall length, width and height of the furniture as well as its seat.

When looking at collections of chaises and daybeds, you'll find that most include narrow and wide single-seat options as well as extra-wide units that easily qualify as loveseats. Generally, an indoor unit should be just as big as a small couch while a chair-style model is usually the same size as a regular recliner. To snuggle up with your significant other, grab a double-width chaise big enough for two adults.

A Quality Chaise Lounge Needs a Solid Frame

The key factors to consider when choosing a chaise frame are:

  • Durability
  • Comfort
  • Weight
  • Appearance
  • Maintenance required

  • Popular chaise lounge materials include hardwood, softwood, wicker, steel and aluminum. Softwood frames are lightweight and best for indoor spaces. We recommend models with hardwood frames for outdoor locations. These sturdy reclining chairs will survive rain and gusts of wind. They’ll also keep their classic looks as long as you cover them during inclement weather and varnish their frames annually.

    We love the handmade look of a wicker frame. The interlaced design and woven texture make the lightweight material look and feel solid. If you have a soft spot for wicker furniture, too, make sure to use it indoors or bring it inside after enjoying a sunny breezy day outdoors. You’ll find quality chaise lounges made of steel and aluminum easier to maintain than wooden ones and better suited for outdoor use.

    Aluminum is a popular chaise lounge frame material because it's a strong, durable and lightweight metal. Looking for a long-lasting unit you can leave poolside? Choose one with an aluminum frame for its excellent water and rust resistance.

    Lounge in Cushioned Luxury

    Cushioned models are more comfortable than bare-frame ones. We recommend regularly changing the cushions and upholstery covers of your outdoor chaises to refresh their looks. For indoor units, look for thickly padded seats and backrests with rounded edges. These types of chaise lounges retain their shapes even with heavy use. To complement your traditional or contemporary decor, pick a unit with a tufted cushion wrapped in a soft, plush cover made of materials like velvet and chamois.

    Quality chaise lounge cushion covers for outdoor recliners are made of durable materials that are water-, spill-, stain- and fade-resistant. Consider weather-resistant covers made of materials like polyester, acrylic and canvas. We like down-filled cushions and padded seats as these give you a luxurious feel. Foam padding is another popular chaise lounge upholstery option that’s comfortable for relaxing and sleeping.

    If you use seat cushions to brighten your decor, then colors and prints are really important to you. We have an entire collection of handcrafted custom seating benches with stylish cushions and upholstery covers to serve your love of color and pattern. Colorful cushions can transform all types of chaise lounges from drab, functional recliners to eye-catching centerpiece furniture. We love striped and nautical-themed prints for outdoor chaise cushions placed around the pool. You can also brighten your backyard by adding cushions and throw pillows adorned with floral and tribal prints.

    Get More From Your Quality Chaise Lounge

    Some models do more than replace sofas and daybeds. These types of chaise lounges have built-in storage compartments big enough to hold small items like books, magazines, TV remotes and your favorite throws, and they can help you keep your living spaces clutter-free.

    Another useful optional feature to look for in quality chaise lounges is adjustable recline positions. You can change the height and angle of the backrest in a model with this feature. Find the preset recline angle a little uncomfortable? You don’t have to settle for that; simply raise or lower the backrest until you find the sweet spot for your midday nap.

    To protect your expensive carpet or flooring, we recommend models equipped with foot glides. Some popular chaise lounges have wheels to make them easier to move around. Outdoor models without wheels are often foldable or stackable. Enjoying a glorious sunset with friends and family from the comfort of your patio doesn’t have to leave your yard cluttered. Reclaim your outdoor spaces by folding or stacking these types of chaise lounges in a neat pile when you're ready to head in.

    After choosing from the different types of chaises available, we recommend you look for a unit with a sturdy frame softened by a plush seat cushion that complements and improves your home decor. Indulge yourself a little and make your home an oasis of relaxation by furnishing it with indoor and outdoor lounges so your friends and family can kick back and relax.