It Was Due When? Calendar Tips for the Disorganized Student

Whether you are in high school, college, or graduate school, you need to keep your life organized, which is easy with the right calendar tips. With all the research papers and exams coming up, you need to structure each week to make the most of your time. Prepare yourself for the busy months ahead by organizing with the best calendar for your commitments.

There are plenty of different organization and calendar ideas that can completely change your outlook on your schedule, making them the perfect companion for anyone heading off to college. If you only have a few classes, you still have other appointments and social engagements to keep track of. With a full course load, this organization becomes even more important. With the right direction, you'll easily find the right calendar for your needs to help you stay organized. 

Clean Your Desk

Before you make any changes, you need to start with a clean work area that motivates you to be organized with your calendar and other supplies. You want the area to be beneficial for studying and getting your assignments ready, so keep a trash can nearby to keep the clutter at bay. If you don’t have a desk already, clear a space in your room to set one up. A laptop station is perfect for someone with minimalistic taste, while a full desk has enough space to organize notebooks, folders, textbooks, and writing utensils. 

Storage space in your study area is necessary, so add an organizer tray or a basket to keep your printed assignments out of the way. Along with space for your calendar, purchase organizers for your gift wrap and stationery to keep notes and write letters along with the rest of your writing utensils. With the right organization, you'll have space to keep a notebook nearby with the details from your professor about class assignments that may not fit in the space you have on a calendar. 

As you organize your study area, find a place to add candles and plants for a calmer ambiance. With the right music in the room, you keep your creative juices flowing, as you tend to each assignment coming up. Treat yourself to a small gift, like a stress ball or a unique figurine, as a reward for checking items off your to-do list. If you want to help yourself relax, give yourself the gift of organization with the right study area first.

Choose the Right Calendar

Before you add anything else to your desk, you need to know the different types of calendars that you have to choose from. Each one features different amounts of space to write and ways to organize the day, giving you the tools you need to get everything done on time. Here are a few of the different options available to you so you can make the calendar comparison yourself and find what works best. While smartphone apps and similar types of calendar keep your commitments at your fingertips, having a tangible calendar provides much greater versatility.  

An agenda log has the most space of any type of calendar for you to write important details. This log is perfect for writing down projects coming up and making special notes for the requirements and the class that assigned it. With more space, you can write down your entire schedule for each day to make sure you don’t forget any of your activities.

Desk and wall calendars usually have the same amount of space to make a note of important dates. Use them to make a reminder of the days that assignments are due, when your vacations are, and when you need to study. Use these layouts to have a broad idea of what’s going on in your month. Some of these planners come as part of a gift set to give you all the writing utensils and pages you need.

Making Alterations

If you want this new and structured plan to help you, here’s the best calendar tip you need to follow – keep everything updated. There are many ways to change your planner, though writing the plans in pencil originally is the easiest. Keep erasers or white-out products nearby to make the change right on the schedule, or use sticky notes to add other details to any of the spaces. The only way an agenda or planner will work for you is by adding each new item right away and adjusting as needed. With a few writing supplies by your side, you keep all of your deadlines and important days current, so your only responsibilities are to study and show up. 

Even though keeping up your newfound organization is important, you need to find the right type of calendar to suit your schedule. Starting at a new school with different classes is much easier to balance when you prepare with a little more order in your day, which is exactly what a planner provides. You don't need to find the thickest calendar available; start small by finding a single calendar first, and you will see what other items you need for your commitments. When you already have school, work, and other responsibilities, you need to find the best calendar that works for your lifestyle.