Buy the Best Balcony Furniture to Create a Space You'll Love

A balcony is a major selling point for two-story homes, condominium units, and even small apartments. It gives you a small space of your own so you can get away, escaping the rest of the home for even a minute to relax, unwind, and center yourself after a stressful day. Unfortunately, left undecorated, a balcony is just another platform and can make the rest of the home look stark. That’s why you need to make a change with the right balcony furniture design.

When you have a balcony, you need to make it your own with elegant colors, comfortable balcony furniture, and a place to put your coffee mug. Even with just a few square feet of space, you have an opportunity to create a beautiful look. Most people only place a plastic chair and possibly a small end table, with little personalization. With the right balcony furniture ideas, your area is transformed into a sophisticated place to unwind.

Starting from the Ground Up

Before you buy balcony furniture, set the tone by decorating the floor with a trendy rug. Measure the width and depth of your space before you shop so you know how much area you need to cover. By buying a rug first, you select the color scheme from the start and can build the rest of the decor and furniture around this single piece.

Choose from many materials to find a rug texture that suits your balcony furniture ideas and design. Many rugs today can be considered indoor/outdoor rugs. They're designed to be beautiful enough for a foyer or kitchen yet hold up to the elements when placed outside. For an exposed balcony, choose a bamboo or fiber rug, both of which dry quickly after rain or washing. The key to finding the right outdoor rug for your balcony furniture is to focus on its durability and its resistance to bacteria.

Along with a rug, use potted plants or floor lamps to create balance for your balcony furniture. Low lighting is subtle, so it's preferable during the evening hours. Even if you already have a view of the foliage in your backyard and beyond, using varying plant heights brings life to the asceticism of the space.


Choose the Furniture

The balcony furniture you choose requires balance and appropriate arrangements to make the most of the area available. Before buying multiple pieces, start by measuring couches and chairs to figure out which items fit in the area you have. During the selection process, there are three concerns that you need to keep in mind — material, size, and function.

Even though many balconies feature a roof or other shade, choose materials that withstand the elements and changing climates. Luckily, many materials meet this need, like resin, wicker, wrought iron, and metal. Outdoor wicker furniture is lightweight, which suits low-wind areas well. Wicker furniture stays naturally cool, even in hot weather. If you live in an area with constant wind and storms, wrought iron is the better choice for your balcony furniture. Wrought iron heats up easily, so purchase cushions and pillows to relax on during the summer.

To create balance in a small space, arrange your balcony furniture with at least 36 inches of space left as a walkway. This keeps the furniture organized with a balanced flow of traffic. If you have a large balcony, consider adding a love seat as well. Even if the space only accommodates a chair or two as part of the permanent arrangement, consider supplementing with some folding wood furniture for when guests join you.

One trick for decorating a small space with balcony furniture is to use multipurpose pieces. Since you have minimal space to begin with, make the balcony appear larger with outdoor furniture that functions as both seating and surface area. Ottomans are an obvious choice since their surfaces are flat enough to hold a coffee mug or plate, but comfortable enough to function as added seating. Use balcony furniture with storage spaces to stow away accessories or as places for accent decor.

Accent With Other Accessories

Even if you already have the balcony furniture you want, accent pieces provide a creative way to show off your personality and to add comfort. Pillows and throw blankets are the easiest solutions, since they come in colors and patterns that complement any decor, and they offer softness and warmth. Use unique balcony furniture and eclectic accessories to create a welcoming place where you can sit down and relax after a long day.

Use these ideas to find the best balcony furniture for you. Even with a small area, you can take advantage of the space with furniture and accessories that create a cohesive look. Make it into a relaxing retreat with attractive accessories, sturdy balcony furniture, and a perfect view of the sunset.