The Best Small Space Furniture

A Small Space Furniture Buying Guide for Apartment Living

Furniture pieces designed for small spaces bring the same form, function and comfort you find in larger units to your smaller area. Various sizes are available to pair with even the smallest patios, one-room studios and compact apartments. Their materials focus on any style, while adjusting to a range of cozy solutions.

Size Matters

Before you dive into your search for small space furniture, measure out the intended space's exact dimensions. Look at the area's height as well as its width, and keep those numbers handy as you check out pieces you like. For the majority of items you peruse, height, width and even depth will be conveniently listed in the item's description. Keep in mind that you'll need some breathing room around your small space furniture, so add a few inches to product's dimensions to allow for movement.


Materials Made for Comfort and Style


Choosing materials for furniture often comes down to your own comfort level and style. Fabrics range from smooth leather to natural burlap with an authentic edge. For small loveseats for the living room, chairs or seating arrangements, always look into padding. While some padding can be added later with pillows or cushions, it's often easier to invest in small spaces furniture with your desired level of padding already attached. Base construction is also important, with wood and metal often the desired choice for innovative furniture designs for small spaces. With either material, think about how much time you can devote to cleaning the surface and whether it's being placed in a high-traffic area.


Common Furniture Fabrics


Base Materials


Leather and Faux Leather

Leather's tough exterior and smooth finish make it a popular choice for many rooms. Faux versions of the material are a great option for vegetarians or vegans who choose to avoid animal-based materials.



Hardwoods such as oak or walnut are preferred for small spaces wood furniture. These strong materials can handle daily use in high-traffic areas.


The strength of cotton depends on the depth and pattern of its weave. Treated versions of the fabric can repel spills or stains for easy clean up.



Softwoods like pine are lighter materials that can be manipulated into a variety of shapes.


Wool is a strong, natural choice that often appears in blends with other natural and synthetic fabrics.


Cool Colors

Stainless steel and aluminum offer a smooth, gray finish. Polished finishes offer a metallic shine, while brushed alternatives mute the glow. In terms of price, aluminum can be less expensive than stainless steel.

Delicate Fabrics

Silk and linen are not as commonly used due to their thinner, lighter thread, but their soft texture is fine for pieces that are more for show than regular daily use.


Warm Colors

Copper and bronze present deep, warm colors. Both metals complement rooms with reds or orange tones or offer a bold contrast to rooms with a cool color scheme.


A "Moving" Scene

The time may come when you need to move a small space furniture piece. Whether it's for a limited time to clean the carpet or a permanent basis to change the room's atmosphere, a piece's movement options matter. If possible, look for pieces that move easily. If an item has casters or wheels, there's a good chance it will glide along the floor with ease. Pieces with floor pads or flat bottoms can be moved with a push. In some cases, furniture that can only be lifted between spots might be the best option.

Indoors Or Outdoors?


Some small space furniture collections are made just for indoor use, while others could be easily adapted for indoor or outdoor spaces. While some items could be weatherized, the best solution is often buying a piece that can handle the conditions before it ever arrives in your home. If you want to change up traditional style, consider bringing items designed for the outdoors into an indoor small space. For example, a metal patio chair can revitalize a small space that is full of only wood furniture pieces.



The best small space furniture turns every area into a space that you can appreciate. Check out our modern, traditional and contemporary small spaces furniture collections today to see a constantly changing line of unique pieces from around the world.