Your Guide to the Best Rustic Furniture Collections

Rustic furniture is a favorite in countryside homes due to its emphasis on nature. It includes components such as wood that's unadulterated, showcased in its natural state, or with a distressed look to add character. It brings an earthy, warm feeling to your home, whether you choose this style for a single room or incorporate it throughout your entire house. It looks best when accompanied by complementing accents, such as wood beam ceilings, an old-fashioned fireplace, or plank floors. You can buy rustic furniture for any room in your home. Browse the available collections, and choose a set that matches the feel you want to create.

Adding Earthy Style to Your Dining Room

The dining room is one of the best rooms to adorn with quality rustic furniture since it's commonly used as an entertainment space. Wood tables and chairs add a natural, earthy element to the room. Tables with thick legs and bench seating embody the rugged nature and masculine feel of the style. Chairs may have upholstery, and if they do, it's made using natural materials, such as burlap, canvas, linen, or jute. 

When you're looking to buy rustic furniture, choose a table that has room for everyone in your family. These tables are often oversize, making them ideal if you have a large family or entertain frequently. You can also opt for a smaller table that has a leaf or extender to increase its capacity when the need arises.

Rustic Touches in the Living Area

Having rustic furniture in an area where you spend most of your time can promote a sense of calm. Benches and armchairs add seating for family members and guests, and they typically have wood frames with upholstery that fits the rustic look, much like dining room chairs. If you have a lot of dark furniture or flooring in the room, try using distressed rustic furniture to help balance out the color while still maintaining the style. Additionally, having large windows helps blend the feeling of the outdoors with the rustic decor indoors. 

If your living area doubles as a work space, consider functional rustic furniture like a tall and thin writing desk, or add a cabinet desk with a large work surface and plenty of built-in storage for your peripherals, media, and office supplies. For entertainment and storing your TV, consider rustic adjustable shelves furniture that has plenty of room for your cable box, gaming consoles, and media players. Many also double as an entertainment center, giving you dual-purpose furniture, which is particularly helpful in smaller spaces. 

Rustic Bedroom Components

Decorate your bedroom with unique rustic furniture options to create a space you're happy to retire to at night. A wood bed frame made with logs or distressed pieces makes a wonderful standout piece that captures your attention the moment you walk in the door. Consider replacing your standard door with a sliding barn door in earthy tones, such as red, distressed white, or light brown. 

If you have nightstands, match the wood to the bed frame for a cohesive look. If you're renovating or replacing your furniture, consider a dresser or armoire that fits in with the theme with a distressed or antique look. Accent pieces tie the room together. Use faux animal rugs or those made with jute, linen, or other natural fibers. Handmade area rugs match most rustic furniture, especially those that have slight imperfections, such as Moroccan rugs or woven tapestries. Lamps and sconces with tin or copper accents work well with wood furniture and natural upholstery materials.

Adding Essential Storage Pieces

No room is complete without storage to help manage clutter, even if you live a minimalist lifestyle. Bookcases give you room for books, knick-knacks, and collectibles, and some have adjustable shelving to let you create your own configuration. Consider rustic wooden furniture with floating barn doors that conceal the contents while also adding to the allure of the room. 

If you have a small space, take advantage of vertical pieces in the form of floating shelves with decorative bookends or tall, narrow cabinets. Console and coffee tables with shelves are pieces of rustic storage living room furniture that give you surface area and hidden storage spots. Consider pairing a piece that has open shelves with a few woven baskets to open up more room while embracing the look and feel of rustic furniture.

There is no right or wrong when it comes to accenting with rustic furniture. Keep your color palettes on the neutral and earthy side with shades that you can find in nature, such as off-white, pine green, light tan, dark brown, and even soft yellow. The best rustic furniture collection is the one that makes your vision come to life while also meeting your family's space and storage needs.