Top Kids' Gifts: Gotta-Have Plush Toys

Shopping for kids is always a fun time, because you get to play with games and some of the best plush toys around. When you're shopping for someone else's children, it's important to pick a universal gift that makes kids and parents happy. Stuffed animals don't make noise and don't have tiny parts that anyone can step on in the dark, so they're a win for parents. They're soft and friendly, making them popular with kids. When it comes down to it, unique plush toys are a gift that makes everyone happy.

Stuffed Animals for Bedtime Snuggles

Most kids have a favorite stuffed animal that they like to cuddle with at bedtime. Look for a medium to large kids' plush toy, depending on the size of the child. This is an ideal gift for parents, too. Youngsters who have difficulty falling asleep on their own are often successful with a comfort animal that keeps them warm all night long. Look for plush toys with soft, soothing fabrics. Popular options include corduroy, plush, and cotton. If you're not sure which animal to pick, ask the parents. They can tell you the child's favorite animal or some TV and movie characters they like.

Kids' Plush Toys to Take Everywhere

If you're looking for gifts for kids who are always on the go, search for small unique plush toys. Smaller options are easy for little hands to carry, and as an added bonus, they fit in a diaper bag or purse when the child doesn't feel like toting it around. Adorable animals are excellent gifts for little ones since they give you or the parents a way to keep children entertained while out and about. Parents can make funny voices for stuffed animals, make them dance, or play peekaboo, making a restaurant wait or a doctor's office wait more fun.

Check with the parents to see if the little one has a favorite bedtime stuffed animal and look for a smaller version of that. This lets them leave their bedtime toy at home and take something a little more portable along for the ride. Every parent knows the fear of losing a beloved bedtime plush toy while out, so you can ease their minds with a mobile option. 

This is also the perfect way to go for youngsters who travel a lot. On the road, children can get homesick. A familiar kids' plush toy from home makes it easier to sleep and the little ones feel safe, no matter where they go.

Magnetic Stuffed Toys for Fun and Games

While lots of plush toys are perfect for cuddling, there are options well suited to playtime. Some of the best plush toys available have magnetic hands, creating all sorts of play opportunities.

Monkeys with magnetic hands are a popular choice for kids of all ages. There are some stuffed monkeys with magnetic hands in various sizes. Kids can use these to create chains or circles of monkeys, dangle a string of them in their room, or hang single monkeys all over. Parents can get in on the fun with magnetic plush toys, too. By hanging toys in funny places around the house, they can surprise and delight their little ones.

Playtime With Puppets

Take interactive play to the next level with puppets, which are always a welcome addition to a plush toy collection. Look at finger puppets and hand puppets to figure out which options are best for the child you're shopping for. One large puppet is a way to start to a puppet collection. A set is another choice to consider. There are themed sets that give kids everything they need for an immersive playtime experience. Look for gift sets or family plush toy collections, which include parents, baby, and kid puppets. Animal puppet sets group animals from similar settings, offering options like farm animals, forest plush toys, and pets. Family animal sets include parents and babies of one animal species, putting a fun spin on playing house with plush toys.

Popular Animal Choices for a Kid's Plush Toy Collection

Here's the million dollar question: What are the best plush toys to give as gifts? It all comes down to the specific child. Consider the categories below while shopping for kids' plush toys.

Category Animal Options
Bears Traditional teddy bears, brown and black bears, polar bears, pandas
Farm animals Chickens, baby chicks, horses, pigs, lambs, cows
Exotic animals Lions, tigers, giraffes, monkeys
Birds Penguins, toucans, flamingos, parrots
Pets Dogs, cats, bunnies

You can also look for licensed plush toys. Most kids have a few favorite TV shows or movies, so they're sure to fawn over stuffed characters they can bring everywhere they go.

No matter which unique plush toys you choose as gifts, you're sure to make little ones smile with your thoughtfulness. A stuffed animal can stay with them throughout childhood, giving them a source of comfort. Figure out which animals the youngsters in your life adore and you can choose gifts they'll play with every day.