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The Best Outdoor Rugs for Your Summer Activities

Outdoor rugs are great accessories for summer's most popular activities. When choosing the right one, it's important to think about how you use the area. Whether you're planning for dinner parties, pool time play, daily exercise, or just want a safe outdoor space for kids, these selections can make a difference. 


An outdoor dining table becomes the focal point of your parties and gatherings. Placing an outdoor rug under the table can improve seating comfort, and doing so sections off the eating space from other areas. The preferred size should include several inches beyond the chairs and the table, keeping the chair legs on it even when pushed out. Add a matching grill mat under the cooking area for a coordinated look. These mats feature a design made to withstand heat and feature protective materials like rubber. If you or someone in your life is a sports fan, these selections are available with team logos and designs from professional and collegiate sports, to add a bit fun to the space.

For parties, look at outdoor carpets featuring durable materials. These selections should retain their pile structure and color, even in high-traffic areas. Nylon and olefin are both popular choices, thanks to their water-resistant properties. Among natural options, bamboo presents a flat design built for constant use. Place a bamboo outdoor rug or mat near your patio bar to create added protection against spills. Outdoor recycled rugs featuring unfinished fibers and rope are not just conversation starters, but they are an excellent choice when redecorating patios with environmentally friendly materials.


Rugs can become both an aesthetically pleasing choice and a safety feature when used near pools. For a balanced look, find a shape that matches your pool's construction. If the swimming pool features an abstract frame, try to pick something that highlights the design's prominent aspects, such as curves or sharp angles.

Larger sizes can hold loungers and create a soft space for bare feet. Keep patio furniture placement to a minimum with no more than two pieces on standard-size rugs. If you have more than two loungers, position additional outdoor area rugs side by side to address all your patio seating.

Place a rug near the steps of your swimming pool and watch it become one of your most useful safety features. The cover itself acts as a place to dry off and keep feet securely on the ground. If your pool is a rectangular shape, use a runner in addition to a standard rug. The runner's design should be the same size or smaller than the pool itself to prevent overhang. Whether using mats or outdoor rugs, materials like polypropylene add traction and grip to slick concrete surfaces. The pile also stays in place and retains it look over time. Poolside polypropylene covers and mats are also:

  • Easy to clean
  • Resistant to moisture
  • Colorfast
  • Exercise

    Transform a patio or terrace into an exercise area with various outdoor rugs. Both meditation and yoga workouts benefit from a soft, welcoming space that improves traction as well as comfort. For yoga, place your mat over an outside rug to create a better grip and a thin layer of cushioning that decreases stress during impact. Outfit a meditation area with natural fabric rugs that match the calming aesthetic, such as seagrass and sisal. Add a contemporary outdoor rug made of these materials to your meditation space to accessorize it and provide a base for meditation chairs.

    You can also use rugs in open outdoor spaces. Place a low-pile selection under exercise equipment such as a treadmill or elliptical that sits on a covered patio or porch. It acts as both a stylish accessory and a barrier against moisture or debris that may otherwise find its way into delicate machinery. Free-standing aerobics workouts also benefit from piles that withstand the impact of jumps or quick movements. For the most shock absorption, look at foam offerings that cushion each step.


    Outdoor rugs create safe, fun play areas. Soft fabrics like nylon offer cushioning and are easy to clean after playtime is over. Synthetic materials may also provide stain resistance against markers or outdoor chalk. Play mats are another option that combines games with fun outdoor play. Licensed character designs from beloved films or TV shows personalize the experience. Pair road designs with favorite toy cars, or add automotive-related accessories to turn the area into a themed space.

    Children's furniture can also use outside rugs as a base, much like their full-sized counterparts. Use a rectangular one to position kids' chairs and furniture in the center or leave the pieces at the edges of it to create various arrangements. Circular options act as fun spots to sit while engaging with toys. Due to the lighter weight of most children's furniture, it's best to add other accent pieces for better stabilization and reduce sliding. Child-sized picnic tables and chairs are heavier, so think about adding only a similarly sized umbrella to add weight to the rug, and protect sensitive skin from the sun at the same time.

    Modern outdoor rugs are tailored to fit your favorite summer activities. With the sizes, shapes, and colors available, you can match one to your needs easily. Looking at how and when you use them narrows down your choices of what outdoor rug collections to pick from. Discover our top-rated outdoor rugs and add decoration to your outside spaces while also improving their function.