Best Office Chairs to Buy for Your Home Office 

When you work out of a home office, the tendency is to just use any old table and chair as a workspace. However, having a dedicated space with a traditional desk and supportive office chair can make a difference to your productivity and your perspective. In addition, a comfortable chair can help the hours fly by while you're working on that late night project. Finding the right chair depends on your unique needs, so use these tips to find one that will help you get to work.  

What Features Are You Looking For? 

It's important to know what you're looking for in an office chair. Draw up a list of features you need to help get through the day easily to ensure you find the right balance between comfort and style. For example, people who sit for long hours might want added padding, while those who must quickly move throughout the room may need swivel options. When you're looking through any office chair collection, note which chairs have the features you require.

Popular FeaturePurposeHow It Helps Home Offices
Lumbar SupportTo give added support to the lower back and help improve posture.Better posture can help productivity and keep you comfortable during long work sessions. The additional support found in padded office chairs makes them a great choice for workers who may have back issues.
Wheels or CastersMoves the chair across hard floors and select carpeting.Moving around the room helps you reach anything without leaving the chair.
Swivel A full 360-degree turn for better mobility.Much like wheels and casters, swivel movement reduces time spent grabbing nearby items.
Moving ArmrestsOpens space on both sides of the chair to improve reach.Depending on your goals and the project at hand, being able to move or remove an armrest could boost productivity.
Reclining BacksProvides comfort and customization to various body types.Reclining can increase comfort when you're seated for long periods of time by allowing you to stretch out in place.

How Often Will You Be Using the Chair? 

The amount of time you plan to spend in an office chair should factor into your choice. While some chairs deliver layers of padding, others have a backless design that works for some applications. When establishing the amount of time you'll spend seated, think about several important issues you need to consider.

When you sit for more than 30 minutes in office chairs, additional padding in the seats will help your comfort levels. Look for padding options that promote good posture. If you're continually fidgeting after an hour at the computer, office chair lumbar support or additional padding in the back of the chair could help. For long meetings, think about the benefits of ergonomic chairs. Ergonomic home office furniture often includes features for the feet, such as a bar or footrest that can improve circulation and keep your legs comfortable.

Moving vs. Stationary Options 

Some offices may need chairs that move and others are more suited to stationary options. Both types of these assembly-required office chairs have their own benefits based on your own unique situation. 

Stationary Office Chair BenefitsBenefits Of An Office Chair That Moves
Ideal for guests as they wait for appointmentsReduces stress on the user's legs and arms 
Act as an accent to the room's decor and can be used throughout the homeMakes it easy to reach items across the room
Added stability for any taskAssists multitasking

Unconventional Choices 

Unconventional choices can combine style with function in surprising ways. Unique office chairs, stools, and even benches designed for other rooms have the ability to transform a home office into something special.

Wingback chairs, which are typically a boardroom staple, provide a sophisticated look that works with many furniture themes so you can coordinate your office and the rest of your home. Utilize a pair to showcase a traditional feel that puts guests at ease during meetings. Club chairs highlight a simple but refined choice that is ideal for small waiting rooms located near the office. Place a wingback or club chair near your desk for visitors or as a change of scenery for you.

Ladder-back chairs are another good choice when you're looking for a quality office chair. Previously a dining room favorite, this type of chair offers a sturdy option. Place a back and seat cushion on the chair to provide a comfortable choice for longer work sessions. Benches can become one of the most comfortable pieces in your home office collection. Place one under a window or against a wall to take advantage of unused space in the room. Add pillows or cushioning to make it a good spot to sit with your laptop.

The best office chair to buy is one that lets you make the most of any home office. Selections cover every type of decor and comfort level. Search now to find an office chair that matches your requirements and become that much more productive.