The Best Office Chair Features to Look For

A Buying Guide for Finding the Best Office Chair

Your home office isn't complete until you have the right office chair, but the big question is: What's the best chair for your desk? There isn't one single answer to that question. First, you need to decide how often the chair will be used, what it's used for, and whether style is important. Strike that—of course style is important, but you're in luck because there are plenty of great office chair styles available.

Whether you're using your home office to work from home or to just occasionally pay bills or play video games on your PC, you can find office chair ideas that suit your style, the frequency of use, and the comfort you're seeking.

The options are so varied that you can find upholstered chairs with tufted details that even have wheels. Stationary options are also available, which means you can buy a minimalist office chair with thin legs and a barely-there seat or an overstuffed armchair for supreme comfort.

Finding a office chair with the features that are important to you just takes a little bit of shopping and research, so be sure to take your time so you make the right choice.

Style and Substance: The Occasional Chair for Office Life

If your home office is used once per month or so to pay bills, write thank-you notes, or occasionally check your work email, you don't need to spring for the ergonomic features that ensure lumbar support or high-performance design. Instead, you can focus on shopping for padded office chairs that are comfortable and attractive. Many of them will also include the office chair features you desire, such as wheels and adjustable height.

If having a mobile chair isn't terribly important to you, and you can find a height that fits you and your desk perfectly, you have even more choices. Leather chairs with or without arms that are stationary look great in an office, study, or library. Some even offer swiveling but still have that slick, stylish leather look.

Traditionalists Aren't Left Out

You've decorated your home just so, and the last thing you want is a chair with levers and wheels to mess up your carefully crafted look. No worries—you can find chair designs that show off a pattern, print, or bold color on an upholstered chair that looks more like an occasional chair than like it belongs in an office. Of course, many of these are assembly-required office chairs, but they're usually easy to put together.

Ergonomic Office Chairs

If you spend a lot of time at your desk at home, shop for office chairs that include a variety of features that will keep your body supported and comfortable over hours of sitting in the same spot. Some options include a small, padded task chair with no arms for all-day work or a hard-backed chair that pushes in just a bit right where your lower back rests to provide support. Another consideration to keep in mind is office chair size. Choose one that suits your weight and build to ensure all-day comfort.

While options vary from chair to chair, there are some common features you can find in many office chair designs:

Office Chair FeaturesBenefit
Adjustable armsArms with a mechanism to raise or lower are useful because they can prevent arm and shoulder strain, while also ensuring that your wrist rests at a comfortable angle for using a mouse.
Tilt lockMany office chairs include a lever that lets you lock the back of the chair in place or release it so you can lean back. This feature ensures the chair stays at the angle that is optimal for your type of work.
Pneumatic adjustable seatThis lever lifts or lowers the chair to your preferred height. Office chairs with this feature are versatile, allowing for use between members of your family, no matter their height.
SwivelSwivel chairs allow you to rotate 360 degrees without moving from your seat. They're a good choice because they allow you to effortlessly reach each corner of your desk without the need to stand or reposition your chair.

Stray from Standard

When looking for furniture for your home office, don't feel as if you are limited to only picking from pieces that are designed for work use. If you have an adjustable desk and would rather introduce the beauty and comfort of an armchair into your office rather than a typical office chair, go for it. The same principle applies to a microwave cart that doubles as the perfect storage center, a storage tote that fits all of your paperwork, or even a cute coffee mug that does a super job of keeping your pens close at hand. So long as your furniture picks are comfortable and effective, you are free to mix and match until you've created a home office that works for you.

Whether you're in need of a standard office chair that's comfortable for prolonged use or a stylish one that effortlessly makes a fashion statement, you can find the right chair and other home office furniture essentials when you shop our unique collection.