Transform an Outdoor Space with Quality Lawn Furniture

Lawn furniture can transform an outdoor space into one of your home's most popular spots. The best selections often bring together high-quality materials, stylish designs, and an uncompromising level of comfort. Use single pieces or bring together a full collection to complete the look of any outdoor space. 

Seating Arrangements

Chairs, sofas, and other seating options are must-have pieces for backyards as well as patios. It's not just the frames that make quality lawn furniture pieces outstanding, however. Outdoor fabric and cushions are made to withstand the elements while maintaining their textures and vibrant colors throughout the seasons. Add an outdoor rug to bring together the look and create a soft spot for bare feet.

When you're looking for outdoor seating and lounge furniture, popular options include:

  • Adirondack chairs - These wooden, paneled pieces feature a high back for added comfort and support. Unfinished and finished versions are ideal for showcasing a beach theme.
  • Swinging hammocks - Whether in their traditional full-body form or in swinging chair designs, hammocks provide a fun outdoor furniture choice for any type of decor. Hang one from a stand or use natural elements such as trees to attach these unique pieces.
  • Loveseats - Wicker frame and other loveseats offer all the comforts of your living room. Smaller than sofas, they also prove to be a great option for compact spaces like balconies. Use throw pillows and blankets during cooler weather to enjoy them all year long.
  • Sectional sofas - Wood and metal approved for outdoor use enhance the design of this traditional lawn furniture. The sectional design makes it one of the best, most sought-after choices among people planning to buy lawn furniture for the first time.
  • Benches - Whether constructed of iron or wood, these benches are an ornamental addition that looks good around gardens or along paths.
  • Stools - These are a must-have for outdoor bar areas. Use them near the pool to create a unique bistro design for guests. When you're looking for outdoor wicker furniture, stools are an attractive accent to complete your collection. 
  • Dining Areas

    Outdoor dining areas introduce a new way to experience favorite recipes or to try a new dish. Whether you're entertaining a group of friends or having a night with the family, look to buy lawn furniture designed to fit your space and help you enjoy a meal.

  • Square tables - These comfortably seat four people and can be used as side tables for self-service dining. Glass tops provide a multifaceted choice that draws in light and reflects it around the space. Marble or stone tops are appealing for year-round use.
  • Rectangular tables - The elongated design of this dining furniture is great for large groups. In general, standard tables hold a maximum of six adults. Serve buffets by the pool for an appealing look that complements the food itself.
  • Bistro tables - These compact, tables are typically circular and easily fit into smaller areas. They seat two people for a full meal service or four people if everyone is just having drinks. Darkened metals like steel and wrought iron are popular as well as teak and other treated woods. 
  • Dining chairs - Match chairs to the table's style or contrast the look with transitional details. Families can also try out benches for casual dining. Some benches feature their own padding for added comfort.
  • Versatile Tables

    Tables are a great choice for outdoor spaces in need of lawn furniture. Used on their own or paired with other pieces, the best choice combines function and style. Accessories can transform a table's function or extend its uses in any size area.

    Side tables increase convenience when placed within any lawn furniture seating area. They offer an excellent spot for drinks and small items like sunglasses and bottles of sunscreen. For nighttime use, try placing an LED lamp on each one. String lights around tables provide an air of whimsy and charm to the overall area in your garden. Materials such as teak and wicker are common in this popular category of outdoor accent furniture. High-quality pieces are often stained to help highlight the distinct textures and grain patterns of the wood or wicker.

    Any table featuring a circular opening in its center can be paired with a patio umbrella. Typically, umbrellas come in vibrant colors and bold patterns to match any setting. If the table does not have an open space for umbrellas, try a cantilever design that hangs over the area.


    Collections are a common way to find all the best lawn furniture pieces in one convenient matching package. No matter what configuration you're looking for, these choices focus on giving you the pieces you need in matching styles. Choosing a pre-selected collection may also prove to be cost-effective when outfitting an entire lawn area.

    Top lawn furniture is made with quality materials and showcases detailed craftsmanship. Tables, seating options, and full collections can introduce a premium look to patios, balconies, and terraces. Look for the best of the best lawn furniture today.