The Best Modern Area Rugs for Your Living Room

When you decorate your home, adding new furniture to the room is just one small piece of the puzzle. There are many components that contribute to the new appearance of the room, like the color of your walls, hanging artwork and photographs, and even plant life. However, an area rug manages to tie every element together for a cohesive look. While runners and small rugs make a difference in tighter areas, a floor area rug is a major piece that must balance every other piece of furniture in the room.

With many types of rugs available, you need to know how to make this decision for your home. Each style and shape of designer area rug has its own attributes to consider, depending on the space. While shopping for a rug, you need to make a decision among hundreds of designs, though there are ways to simplify this process. If you need guidance on the different options, here are a few ways to help you choose the best area rugs for the living room.

Decide the Arrangement of the Furniture

Before you decide which area rug you should select, you need to decide the arrangement of the furniture. The sitting area you create determines exactly how to position the rug, which will show how much room is available. Using the same consideration used to select outdoor area rugs, you need to provide a walkway with at least 30 inches of width to walk between.

There are two basic shapes to choose between for most area rugs: rectangle or oval. Both designs work with the same furniture arrangement, but the oval conveys more softness than a rectangle area rug can. If your living area is full of sharp angles, the oval design creates a trendy style in the room. If your room is square or if you have a square-shaped seating area, any square or circular rug works. The key to finding the right shape for your arrangement is to mimic it, keeping the natural lines of the room.

Bringing in Texture and Color

Color plays a significant role in decor. Since the whole point of a rug is to bring the room together, choose a rug that integrates the elements of the space. If there’s a few colors that consistently occur in the room, choose a solid-colored rug in one of these hues, making it an accent piece. The pattern design should reflect the style of the room, using minimal changes in colors for more elegance or many hues for a bold print.

The texture is just as important, since you have many materials from which to choose. Sheepskin offers a soft luxury to any room, whether it comes in creamy white or an unnatural color, while polypropylene area rugs are the most common texture, since it’s inexpensive and resistant to stains. Wool area rugs offer a balance between these two contrasts as they lack the fibers that usually cause allergic reactions and resist the dangers of bacterial growth. If you decorate wooden floors but want to keep the hardened texture, bamboo and other natural fibers come from sustainable production methods, using plant-based materials.

Using a Rug Pad

Once you choose the rug that you want in your living room, you need to protect safety and the floor with a rug pad. A rug pad has many uses, keeping floors protected from scratches and keeping your rug in the same location. It also prevents the corners of the rug from flipping and tripping others. By keeping the area rug secured, you protect yourself from tripping as well.

Creating a pad in the right size for the area rug is necessary, though there’s no need to purchase one in those measurements. Cut your rug pad to size by measuring the rug first. Once measured, subtract an inch from all edges, and remove the excess material. Once complete, lay the rug pad down on the area of the floor that your new rug goes. To keep up with the quality and positioning of the area rug, vacuum or sweep often to reduce dust buildup.

Finding the right quality area rugs for your home transforms the look of any living room. With multiple factors to consider in your choice, you need to have a firm idea of the look you want the room to end up with. An area rug completes the motif that you want, but your current decor, colors, and patterns easily narrow down the decision. When shopping for the new rug, keep your color scheme and overall design in mind. If all you want is a rug to accent a contemporary living room, your choices are endless, with nearly any color or texture you think of. Shop around for area rugs that suit the shape of the room, making your decision based on the colors and texture you want.