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Best Modern and Designer Wool Rugs

Modern and designer wool rug selections offer smooth, even textures that are comfortable for the feet, yet durable for everyday use. Consider the many reasons why a natural-fiber rug in any space should be the first stop for modern aesthetics. 


Patterns give wool rugs a sense of depth, width, and contrast. Wool strands stay tightly in place to keep everything from intricate, contemporary details to modern interpretations of classic motifs in their original states. Some of the most popular patterns for modern wool rugs include abstracts, diamonds, ovals and circles, chevron designs, and tribal motifs.

The broad category of abstracts covers everything from wavy lines to full-blown artistic explosions of color. Abstract pieces usually include several tones among the patterns. This makes it easier to find hues that match a room's color scheme. The diamond shape features four distinct lines that combine to create the striking shape. This geometric pattern commonly repeats across a wool rug, but you can also find a selection with alternating patterns. A sophisticated design, the diamond pattern fits among contemporary decor, but it also complements many mid-century selections.

Circular or oval patterns take on many forms, especially when establishing modern designs. These patterns may cover the entire rug or scatter across certain sections. In either case, the placement can influence how people see the room. They are especially helpful in signaling out larger furniture pieces such as sectionals.

The distinctness of the chevron design is not just for modern styles; the look also works well with 50s-style decor. Of the available colors, black and white stripes are the most popular choice, but there are several other combinations that work with contemporary styling. With a wool tribal rug, its features offer special patterns and symbols that are unique to certain cultures. Symbols may not cover the full floor covering, but they still leave an important impact on the rug's aesthetic. Choices in this category can match a range of styles from rustic decor to minimalist pieces.


The main difference between dyed and undyed rugs is color. Undyed wool rugs showcase a white or cream color that is consistent with its natural state. Among eco-friendly selections, these choices highlight some of the most vibrant and easy-to-care-for items. Dyed selections come in a range of hues, with bold tones providing the deepest tints, especially for wool pile rugs. Much of the reason why dyes take so well to wool is the fabric's ability to soak up and retain more dye in just one application.


Modern wool rugs often use shapes to define popular styles. The size of the room and its other accents may influence your decision on shape. For this reason, it's always important to keep up with what choices are available.

Wool Rug ShapesTips for Introducing Shapes to Any Space
RectangleThe rectangular shape is a common association with an indoor wool rug, but it can easily work in other areas. Use a smaller rectangular accent rug near a doorway. When placed near a door, the rug acts as a spot to wipe your shoes or bare feet after being outdoors.
SquareA square pattern is the focal point of any room. Pair with a square table to create a more symmetrical look. When used on its own, keep the room's measurements in mind. The rug will appear to touch the walls in smaller rooms, while becoming a small accent piece in larger spaces.
OvalOval rugs are ideal for seating arrangements. Try a larger oval shape between two love seats or armchairs.
CircularRooms with a curved or rounded shape provide the perfect match for circular rugs. Used at the base of stairs, a circular area floor covering also provides a cushion and leads guests in the right direction.
CustomCustom shapes cover a range of unique sizes. Some copy the look of animal hides, while others create their own abstract looks. For bathrooms, a rug with extended sides offers a buffer for toilets or vanities.

Pile Sizes

The pile size dictates the height as well as the thickness of wool rugs. Lower piles offer a smooth covering that just barely sits off the floor. Medium pile heights add more depth to the rug's size but barely give in under average weights. The softest cushioning comes from high pile designs. Strands associated with the highest pile sink in around feet and engulf the ankles, offering cozy floor coverings. Some handmade wool rug patterns may alternate pile heights to create distinct designs. The varying pile comes from the addition of other materials like nylon and silk to the predominately wool selection.

When it comes to modern and designer wool rugs, the material combines the style and dependability needed to highlight any room's look. No matter the size, shape, or texture, wool stays intact and holds patterns, even after years of use. Shop for quality wool floor rugs to outfit your modern spaces, and give your designer furniture and room accents a little more character.