More Bang for Your Buck: The Best Gifts Over $100

You've always given nice little presents to your friends and family, but this year you want to go big by presenting them some of the best gifts over $100. You're looking for items that will be both useful and appreciated. To find great gift ideas, start by considering the styles and tastes displayed in your loved ones' homes.

Fill a Space With Furniture

Furniture is one of the simplest ways to go large when you're searching for gifts over $100. Try to find accent furniture like a chair that stands out but still keeps the feel of your loved one's home. Look for one that occupies a cozy corner of the bedroom or living room. You want the chair to catch the eye, so choose a color that matches the current decor but has noticeably different elements. Add variation with a bright hue or by contrasting small prints against solids. It might even be fun to experiment with feathers or faux fur for a fun and interesting exterior feel. For an eclectic gift idea, present a wooden chair designed and handcrafted by artisans on the other side of the world.

Benches are simple gifts over $100 that serve as functional and decorative items in a house. Pick a bench that fits the scale of the room or hallway. A medium-sized one fills a small room nicely, but the same bench in a larger room may need additional elements to create a feeling of a fuller space. For example, a short bench for holding coats or boots may fit an entryway, while a long one is suitable for the living room when you add some throw blankets or other gifts under $50 to make the seat comfortable. Decide if the bench needs to hold much weight. If so, look for one made of materials strong enough to support it. If you give a backless version, your family member should place it against a wall for the comfort and support of guests. You could also buy individual benches to place under a sofa table to extend seating.

For a study, a handy gift idea is a handsome bookshelf that adds a sophisticated feel to the area. Look for shelves that rest at arm's level for easy access to materials or select a taller one that leaves sufficient space between it and the ceiling.

Engage the Senses

If you want to impress your gift recipients with a delight everyone can enjoy, the best gift is a decorated gift basket. When choosing a basket, consider the taste preferences of your giftees. Do they like bold flavors, or do their palates prefer something simple and sweet? If you're not sure of their favorite flavors, find tastes popular with everyone like the combination of sweet, salty, and savory. For adventurous foodies, add a box with goodies from countries around the globe.

If you're planning to purchase a basket as a gift over $100, it's a good idea to know how many people the basket will be serving. You want each person to have the pleasure of selecting an item from it. An entire office may need more than one basket to satisfy everyone, so consider offering other options in an additional basket. Perhaps include one with desserts and sweets and another with healthy fresh fruit.

Design a Personalized Set

Consider creating your own gift collection over $100 from an assortment of prepared gift sets. Choose a boxed set of specialty goods, and combine it with complementary gifts under $50. For friends who enjoy the finer things in life, perhaps pair a selection of wines with two glasses and a portable cheese board so they can enjoy a little wine and cheese wherever they like. If you want to create a relaxing gift collection, consider selecting a spa essentials grouping and enhancing the experience with an authentic Asian tea set to inspire simple moments of pleasure.

Go Large With Wall Art

Wall art is one of the best gifts to bring character to a room. It can serve both as a focal point and as an accent to the furniture. Adornments on the wall come in flat images such as painting prints and photos, or multidimensional items like sculptures and clocks. To find a spot for an artistic gift over $100 in your recipients' house, look for an empty space on a solid-colored wall away from windows and doors. Then decide what type of art to fill that space with.

Your recipients can display their personal style with a unique painting that shows their interests and draws together the elements in a room. An abstract painting makes an interesting conversation piece, and a scenic landscape from across the globe gives inspiration for people to share their own travel stories. Large black-and-white photo prints create a daring distinction between the colors in the room, too. Combine small photos with some related gifts by price to make a gift collection that sits inside a wooden keepsake case.

You can find several gift ideas over $100 with three-dimensional wall art that truly stands out. A shadowbox is sure to impress guests with a display of delicately designed paper art inside its frame. Perhaps the most popular and functional piece of wall art is a clock. A contemporary clock should take up enough space on the wall so that anyone can read it near eye level from any position in the room. Choose from several styles, like a sleek and shiny modern design with metallic hands and body, or a traditional timepiece face with Roman numerals inside a framed border.

You can find some of the best gifts by noticing a need in your loved one's life and satisfying it with an item pleasing to the person's tastes. Whether your present is one big item or a gift collection of smaller items, you can give it knowing you are adding something extra meaningful to their life.