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She Said Yes: Finding the Best Engagement Gifts

The best engagement gifts celebrate the big moment with style. When you're choosing a present, it's important to start with your relationship to the bride-to-be or groom. Whether you are a parent or a coworker, there's something to show them how much you care about the announcement. You can give these at any time after the bride says yes, but they also make wonderful engagement party gifts. 


As a parent of the future bride or groom, you can look to unforgettable artisan accent pieces for the best engagement gifts. Whimsical nesting tables pull out to produce a fun option for any room. Traditional accent pieces can include handcrafted shapes and painting styles. For a touch of artistic style, look for statues that represent traditional or contemporary themes. These engagement gift ideas come in a range of materials like stone and metal. Decorative lights are more than lamps and are popular as wedding presents as well. Consider lighted letters that represent the couple. You can even spell out the location where the engagement took place or somewhere special to them. Remember, oftentimes the perfect wedding gift also makes a great engagement present. 

For a more personal touch, as the mother of the bride, you can give her a jewelry set or an individual piece. Pick items that match her engagement ring such as earrings with diamonds or gold bracelets that match the ring's metal. Don't be afraid to pick elements with different gemstones or metals when selecting the best engagement gifts. They can provide an elegant contrast to her main focal point. Earring sets with multiple pieces and looks are ideal for casual wear and show off her style.


Standout engagement gift ideas for siblings include spa gift baskets. Many feature soothing masks, lotions, and body washes that help her relieve stress as she plans for the big day. Some baskets even include tools for pedicures and manicures or makeup brushes. For something different, look for special gifts by occasion. One option is to help the couple remember their thoughts and experiences with a journal. Choose from fabric and paper covers in a wide variety of colors and patterns. Leather editions have tie closures and some have locks for added security.  


If your mom or dad is getting married, cute engagement presents are the perfect option. Food-themed items remind them of fun times in the kitchen or memories of trips to your favorite restaurants. Choose chocolates from around the world or keep it simple with milk chocolate pieces that make some of the best engagement gifts. If the couple's engagement happens around the holidays or they are planning a holiday wedding, simple presents often feature specialty chocolates with peppermint or truffles with seasonal centers. Cookie baskets and boxes also combine regional flavors and are fun to share. For coffee lovers, an engagement gift including a variety of blends combined with biscotti and cookies for dipping is ideal. Add fun mugs that feature sayings or pictures for a complete set.

For younger children, creative engagement gifts hold special meaning for parents. Consider a scrapbook and add touches that are unique to your family. A cute note from you to Mom will make her smile as she gets ready for the wedding. Mom or Dad can even add drawings or colorings they make themselves. Also, consider adding personal photos and the engagement picture if you have it to add, and turn the book into a special engagement gift.


As a friend of the groom or bride, you have a variety of choices for engagement and wedding gifts. Ornament sets featuring bride and groom characters work well for holiday weddings or engagements. You can also choose ornaments that represent their favorite activities or themes they'll use during their nuptials. For the present that goes beyond the big day, think about pillows. Accent pillows come in a number of colors and fabrics. While some throw pillows feature sayings related to weddings, others use embroidery to craft specific details.

Candle sets make ideal gifts and introduce fragrances to any room of the home. Unboxed ones come in varying heights and you can give them with or without holders. If you do choose candle holders, think about looks that match the fragrances and colors. The happy couple can use glass jar candles anywhere and they'll have keepsake jars when they're finished.


Gourmet presents highlight any event and are the perfect items to come from coworkers. Choices include treats from a home country or family heritage or edibles they like. Another option popular on a list of engagement gifts is a decorative frame or piece of wall art that features themes about love. You can also use colors they like and painters or styles they enjoy. Some frames feature a traditional wooden style, while others mix mediums like metals to make up distinctive pieces.

Cards and stationery sets are also perfect engagement gift ideas for coworkers to give. These choices work well for thank-you notes and special letters they'll use before or after the big day. Don't forget the card with a personal message and make sure to get the whole office to sign their names to it.

The best engagement gifts are reflective of the couple's unique style. With options available for every price level and connection to the soon-to-be bride or groom, there's something for every gift giver. Shop gifts for her to find something special to celebrate the upcoming wedding.