5 Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas That Add Personality to Your Room

If you've never walked into your room and breathed a sigh of relief, you could be in need of bedroom wall decor ideas that make your space feel like a retreat from daily life. Hey, we all need a place to unwind from work, parenting and other obligations. Wall decorations tie a room together, showing off your personal style and the things you love. Let us show you that unique bedroom wall decor comes in tons of different sizes, materials and themes, so you can find striking bedroom wall art that makes your room a place to relax, unwind and get ready for the day.

Get Modern with Repurposed Wood

If you're trying to create a rustic, vintage feel in your bedroom, we love the effect of modern bedroom wall decor made from repurposed wood. This material gives the art a little bit of extra texture and personality, so it stands out even more from the wall. Repurposed wood lends itself to all sorts of themes, from wildlife and floral designs to landscapes and portraits. If you've never felt drawn to traditional art prints, we suggest trying this; it could be the best wall decor for the bedroom. Some pieces are painted onto repurposed wood, while others use a screen printing technique to replicate photos.

Feel Fancy with Florals

Can't keep a plant alive? We've all been there. Make the switch from live plants to botanical modern bedroom wall decor. After all, it's impossible to kill a painted flower.

Plant-inspired art is available in all sorts of styles, from traditional paintings of vases and gardens to unique bedroom wall decor that focuses more on abstract plant drawings, succulents and uncommon plants, such as cacti. We enjoy desert-themed artwork that feels like a little mental vacation.

When looking for floral bedroom wall decor, it's all about offsetting the existing color scheme in your room. If you have a room with muted, neutral colors, we suggest choosing art with a bright pop of color to serve as a focal point. If your room is a little more colorful, choose more muted modern bedroom wall decor to avoid making the room feel noisy. Or, go ahead and lay on the color; we're all about picking what you love.

Get Abstract with Geometric Art

Sometimes, a more abstract vibe creates the ideal environment for relaxation and sleep. Aim for a modern feel with geometric unique bedroom wall decor. This artwork combines squares, circles, triangles and other shapes to create a modern look that we adore.

The best wall decor for the bedroom could offset the bedroom furniture you've chosen. If your room is full of furniture with clean, crisp edges, pick art with soft ovals and circles. Consider bedroom wall decor ideas with sharp edges and corners if your room has a round bedside table or a headboard with rounded edges. We think it's all about contrast. You can even change the feel of the room with the art medium you choose. We find that pieces with watercolor shapes are often a little gentler and more soothing, while those with ink or acrylic have bolder lines.

You don't have to go completely abstract with your artwork. Blend a little bit of realism with a little bit of geometric design to decorate with geometric representations of animals, flowers or people.

Walk on the Wild Side

Bring a little bit of nature into your room with unique bedroom wall decor featuring animals. Whether your favorite animal is the majestic wolf or the goofy alpaca, you can find animal artwork that makes you smile. You can achieve a funky, modern vibe with photorealistic art or animal photography. This type of modern bedroom wall decor is a little quirky, and we like that it features unusual colors, photo effects or areas of focus.

If you're looking for calmer bedroom wall decor ideas, go for a monochrome sketch, a black-and-white photo or an animal painting with neutral colors. Some artwork features mosaic-style animals made of geometric shapes or flowers. Who wouldn't love their favorite animal made of flowers? We sure do.

Show Off with Sketches

Sometimes, art is even more beautiful when in an unfinished state. If you're looking for bedroom wall decor ideas that are a little bit off the beaten path, we like simple sketched pieces. This type of modern bedroom wall decor is exceptional at creating a chill, artsy vibe that helps you ease into bedtime. A simple line drawing captures the essence of a drawing without excess detail or color, and we think it's the optimal choice for a neutral-toned bedroom.

There are several common subject matters in this type of decor. The best wall decor for a bedroom might feature a sketch of a classical art piece or a figure drawing. Even if you love bright colors and tons of detail, we think this could fit well into your bedroom. In a room filled with ornate furniture and colorful home decor and pillows, a monochrome sketch grabs attention.

When you're looking for a way to make a bedroom feel complete, wall decor is an easy way to add some personality. While considering your options, think about the size of the picture, its colors and its overall shape to find the best wall decor for the bedroom. You can look for attention-grabbing pieces that serve as the focal point of the room or something more subtle that blends in with the other decor in the bedroom. Whether you opt for unique bedroom wall decor or more conventional art options, our selection of bedroom decor is sure to have something that fits your personal style.