Bedroom Furniture Ideas for a Trendy Space

When you think of your bedroom, you want a relaxing place to retreat. Since you spend time in this room every day, find a way to treat yourself by purchasing new bedroom furniture that expresses your personality. If you need direction to create a vibrant and balanced look, find inspiration in the most popular bedroom furniture trends.

As there are so many types of bedroom furniture from which to choose, take the time to find inspiration within popular color combinations and decor. Trends evolve every year, but there are a few styles that persist. Even though your bedroom is a private area, the right bedroom furniture ideas turn it into a place that you want to show off to any guests that come into your home.

Combine Rustic Decor with Contemporary Furniture

One of the trends that keeps appearing in bedroom furniture is the joining of rustic and contemporary decor. Even though some people find this motif archaic, you introduce a balance with the combination of contemporary bedroom furniture styles. Most rustic decor centers around the use of rugged and natural pieces, like aged wood or stone. To keep the room looking fresh, use furniture with crisp and bright colors, like rich reds or vibrant blues, to complement the old-school vibe.

Create a Minimalist Motif

Use a minimalist motif if you prefer to eliminate clutter from the home. Even though this type of bedroom furniture has been a prominent design for decades, a common misconception about minimalism is that you need to strip your room down to the bare minimum. Instead, focus on simplicity and function, ensuring every accessory and piece of bedroom storage furniture has a purpose.

To recreate the theme, focus on clean lines and minimal accent colors. Some designers recommend the use of a platform for your bedroom bed, rather than using a headboard, since the lack of headboard exposes more of the wall. If you buy new bedroom furniture for this look, focus on pieces with exposed legs and minimal patterns.

Monochromatic Style with a Hint of Color

A monochromatic look is much like the use of the minimalist decor in the color scheme. Even though monochromatic means that there’s only one color, there are balanced ways to bring out the boldness. Rather than decorating in only black and white, balance the furniture and accessories with a small splash of brightness and bold hues.

The first step to creating this effect is to prepare the walls and floors with neutral colors, like black, white, and gray. When you incorporate new bedroom furniture, focus on neutral structures like a stainless steel or black frame for the bed. Use the comforter as the source of color or as the white background for colorful pillows. For more balance in the room, use a plant or two on your dresser or vary the bedroom furniture sizes for contrast.

Industrial Bedroom Style

An industrial design revisits the rustic appeal above, but without any of the contemporary bedroom furniture. This decor revolves around the use of strong metals and your choice of brown hues. Choosing an industrial look is perfect for you when you live in a loft or other areas with exposed brick or natural stonework.

You don’t need to add plants or try to add colors in complementary hues with this design style. Instead, focus on bedroom furniture that features metal frames in any color, like wrought iron or stainless steel. Even though you use many brown hues in the creation of the room in the first place, use bedding that reflects that same color scheme, though the actual pattern is unimportant. With so many iron and metal accessories in the industry, matching accessories to the main bedroom furniture is easy.

White with Bold Colors

The freshest and trendiest look for bedroom furniture designs is easily the backdrop of white walls or white sheets with the addition of a splash of color. If you live in an apartment that prohibits painting on the walls, this interior decor is the best way to make the space beautiful, yet understated. As you add white bedroom furniture and bedding, complement the motif with colored accents around the room. Consider new picture frames, bold artwork, or even a funky pattern on a pillow to make the room look modern and upbeat.

Decorating the bedroom is the most self-indulgent home project you can take on, since you benefit the greatest from the change. This is the time to find the bedroom furniture trends that suit your style, even if you only have one or two pieces in your room already. If you want to end the guesswork, maybe just dive right into a bedroom furniture collection, or try to replicate a look you’ve seen in the past. Regardless of the way you approach this decorating adventure, check out our selection of bedroom furniture to find trendy styles.