Choosing the Best Bedroom Furniture Sets: A Bedroom Furniture Buying Guide

As time passes, it's not uncommon for furniture to wear out and need replacing, and the bedroom is no exception. Maybe you're moving to a new house and want a new bedroom furniture set to replace your old one, or perhaps you're renovating and going for a new look entirely or just replacing worn-out components. You can purchase bedroom furniture in matching sets or just buy the pieces you need, like a new mattress or a larger dresser to accommodate your growing wardrobe. Make a list of the styles you're considering and the pieces you need so you're fully prepared when browsing through the various bedroom furniture collections

Considerations When Shopping for Bedroom Furniture

The overall theme of the room you're designing should reflect the style you choose. Popular styles include chic, modern, rustic, classic, and urban.

StyleDefining Characteristics
ChicChic has a muted color scheme with upholstered fabric furniture in neutrals or with subtle motifs and floral prints. Comfort is a main priority in the design, as is an air of elegant sophistication. 
ModernAlso referred to as contemporary, modern style has a series of clean lines and basic shapes. Bedroom furniture legs are straight, and the color palette is neutral with a splash of bold shades.
RusticRustic furniture looks aged, yet comfortably so. Its main designs are wood, sometimes distressed to give it that enhanced look. 
ClassicSoft lines and colors are the standout characteristics of classic styling. You'll also see ornate legs and fine detailing in woodworking.
UrbanUrban style incorporates a lot of patterns and bold colors. Popular elements include wood and metal, with an industrial look.

Before you buy bedroom furniture, measure the dimensions of the room to make sure the furniture will fit. It's important to know exactly how much room you have to avoid buying pieces that won't fit or will make the room feel crowded. In addition to the room size, measure the door opening to make sure the components can fit through.

If you have a smaller space, you'll want to consider narrow furniture or items that are tall rather than wide. Oversize bedrooms can fit a lot of components, including a full bedroom set and some even have room for a sofa or desk.

Elements of a Bedroom

There are a few main types of bedroom furniture that come with a typical set including:

  • Dresser
  • Bed frame
  • Mattress
  • Nightstands

  • Dressers come in a variety of sizes ranging from models that fit well in children's rooms to oversize units that have several drawers. Choose between vertical and horizontal orientations in relation to the space you have available.

    Typically featuring metal or wood construction, bedroom bed frames provide a resting surface for a box spring and mattress, though platform frames eliminate the need for a box spring. Some have a combined headboard and footboard setup to create a cohesive, flowing design.

    Mattresses come in different styles, such as foam, gel, innerspring, or pillow top, so you can choose the support system that works best for you. You can also select the appropriate size ranging from twin to California King.

    Nightstands accompany the bed, flanking it on one or both sides to provide additional storage space. You can shop for pieces that coordinate with your collection or mix and match styles and colors for an eclectic setup.

    Clothing and Storage Solutions

    When it comes to clothing, having enough bedroom storage furniture helps keep your wardrobe organized. Bedroom furniture isn't just for the floor space; you can fit components in a closet as well. If you have limited space in the bedroom, try to fit a dresser in the closet, or you can just abandon the idea of a dresser altogether and go for more practical storage solutions. Add storage racks to your existing closet setup, or use a modular solution that combines shelves, racks, and drawers where you can choose the components you need. In a child's room, you can overcome a lack of space with a platform or trundle-like bed that has three or four drawers.

    Accents That Tie the Space Together

    Once you've decided on the style and colors of the room, you can bring it all together with a collection of accent pieces that complement the furniture.


    Lamps not only add lighting to a room, they also add depth. Adding one or two on a nightstand, for instance, is a good way to add color or elegance. For modern and contemporary styles, go for lamps that have a defined shade with sharp edges and popular patterns that coordinate well with the colors you've chosen. Classic and traditional decors benefit from rounded shades in soft color palettes, and urban themes include bold patterns and a medley of colors in a single design. If you don't have space to place a lamp, you can still add lighting elements in the form of wall sconces. Place them on either side of the bed to create a cozy reading environment.


    If you have a small bedroom, decorative mirrors can make the room appear larger with proper placement. Place them on a wall opposite the door or bed. Since they come in many sizes, you can accent the space however you like. Choose ones that have artistic design elements to complement and add to the room's decor.

    Area Rugs

    Area rugs come in different shapes including square, rectangular, and circular. You can purchase them in solid colors or with patterns, as well as with varying pile heights, depending on the look and feel you desire. If you have tile or hardwood floors, a non-slip mat is a good way to keep the rug in place and avoid injury. You can also anchor it underneath furniture like the bed or a heavy dresser.

    Use these accents to add a pop of color in a neutral room, or use coordinating colors for a complete wall-to-wall look. It's best to shop for them after you've already picked out your furniture since it will be the main focal point of the room.

    When it comes to your bedroom, your choices are all that matter. Look at popular magazines or websites for inspiration and to develop a feel for what you like. Browse our different styles, and purchase top-rated bedroom furniture for your home today.