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Styling and Customizing Your Bed: A Bedding Buying Guide

Your bedroom is far more than just a place you go to lay your head each night. It's your sanctuary and a place where you spend a third of your life, so you may as well make it special. Discover how our collection of unique and high-quality bed and bath products let you create a dreamy, inviting room that offers the ultimate in relaxation.

Whether you're a new or an existing homemaker, your journey toward owning your dream bedroom begins with your choice of bedding options.

Beautiful Bedding

So, you have your bed and mattress. Now, you just need to add the bedding that transforms your sleeping space into a stylish and comfortable sanctuary. For this, you need soft bed sheets, fluffy and supportive pillows, comforters and quilts that ensure snug nights whatever the weather. Lastly, you need throw pillows with exquisite pillowcases and shams that transform your bed into an oasis of style and repose.

Buying Bed Sheets

Crisp, inviting bed sheets are at the heart of a comfortable bedroom. To ensure you pick the right sheets for your bed, you need to consider the pocket depth (thickness) of your mattress, and your preferred fabric and its thread count.

Materials for Sheets

With its soft, natural feel and durability, cotton in its many forms is the most popular material for bed sheets, and there are different kinds to consider. Combed cotton is formed by removing impurities from the yarn to produce a softer, smoother fabric. Egyptian cotton has an especially prized, silky quality. Fashioned from the long fibers found alongside the river Nile, it features a high thread count and is highly durable. One particularly special version is Mako cotton from Upper Egypt.

Other alluring cotton variants include flannel, sateen, muslin, and the high-end Pima, Supima, and percale fibers, which are also available as blends with synthetic fibers. Also in vogue in these eco-friendly times are sheets made from a blend of cotton and bamboo, or modal, sourced from the wood of the beech tree.

Synthetic fibers such as polyester and Lyocell are famous for their strength and wrinkle-free properties. They're also easy to wash and dry quickly.

Buying Pillows

Bedroom pillows include both sleeping pillows to support your head as you sleep and throws that have the dual purpose of decoration and providing support.

Sleeping Pillows

When you lay your head down to sleep at night, you want firm yet gentle support. To ensure this, you need to consider the size and firmness of your pillows along with the filling material.

They're available in standard, queen and king sizes, organized by firmness (soft, medium or firm) or by preferred sleeping position (back, stomach or side). Back sleepers benefit from flat, firm pillows; stomach sleepers benefit from those with a gentle slope; and side sleepers should choose items with a raised surface.

Decorative Pillows

Throw pillows offer extra support and serve an aesthetic function, especially when covered with decorative shams. They're highly versatile and their artful placement can quickly make over the look of your beds and your entire bedroom. You can also choose one of our smaller, stylish boudoir pillows that offer neck support.

Adding in bed pillows with chic shams in subtle colors lets you create that delightful layered bed that looks so inviting. Choose from traditional paisley style or modern geometric shapes to accent your existing bedroom decor. Browse our extensive collection of shams and pillowcases for inspiration. We offer everything from classic and simple options to Indian-inspired shams awash in color, even regal Venetian shams that bring a touch of grandeur to any setting.

Buying Bedspreads, Bed Covers, and Coverlets

Bedspreads serve a decorative purpose and make a room appear cozy and inviting while also providing extra warmth. Popular materials include cotton, chintz and chenille with a tight weave for warmth and durability.

Buying Quilts and Comforters

With a plush, luxurious feel, comforters and quilts add style and color to a room while keeping sleepers snug and warm. Quilts are also works of art, with intricate patterns in fantastic color combinations bringing bold pattern to your room. If you don't like to commit to one look, take advantage of reversible quilts and coverlets that give you two options. You'll find synthetic fabrics and natural fabrics alike – if easy-to-clean is a consideration, go for the blended or synthetic fabrics.

Buying Bedding Sets

Acquiring your bedding in sets simplifies the buying process and ensures all your items match and harmonize. Check our range of bedding collections for ideas to spark your imagination and creativity. Bedding set styles range from modern motifs with subtle colors and geometric prints to rustic and vintage styles with breezy or romantic colors and floral prints.

Bedding Tips for Styling Your Sleeping Space

When styling a bedroom, start by considering the size and location of the bed. When it comes to color, white is always a fine choice, as an uplifting and soothing hue that never goes out of style. You can add variety and accents by adding textured coverlets or quilts. Another nice touch is to add in layered shams or throw pillows with bright motifs as accents. A darker tone renders a more masculine vibe, while lighter hues create a sense of light and space.

Choose bedding that matches your bedroom furniture and look into acquiring any bedside tables or shelves you may need. Look for bedding with patterns and colors that complement the existing decor of your home. Modern options include items featuring stripes, geometric patterns, and darker hues, while floral motifs are considered more feminine and traditional.

Let our bedding selections help you create your dream bedroom with plump, soft pillows, soothing sheets, and inviting comforters, quilts and other fine items artfully sourced from all over the world.