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Keep Your Countertop Organized With These Bathroom Tray Ideas

Your bathroom counter isn't just a place to set your toothbrush, it's practically a blank canvas for you to try your hand at creative decorating, like using these bathroom tray ideas to combine form and function. It can be easy to overlook this area, but it’s just as important to add home decorative accessories to your bathroom as it is to accessorize any other room, especially if you’re aiming to liven up your guest accommodations. To find the right decorative bath trays for your space, consider factors like the current decor of your bathroom and how you might want to use your new accessories.

Think in terms of towel-holding, soap-catching and jewelry-keeping properties, depending on what your everyday bathroom routine looks like. Many of these modern bath trays come in helpful sets so you can easily coordinate your look, or go for a whimsically mismatched appearance to create a fun statement right on your counter. If you want to keep colors and textures the same, we recommend playing with different shapes for a puzzle-like effect that helps your trays pop. However you choose to style it, you're bound to come up with a stylish, well-organized collection if you use these bathroom tray ideas to combine different styles.

Keep Your Soap From Slip Sliding Away

Nobody likes to lose grip — especially when it comes to your soap. Make sure handwashing is easy for both you and your guests by adding a convenient soap tray to your counter scheme. To prevent your soap from sliding around, search for options that are just big enough to hold the bar. The best decorative bath trays to hold soap usually include textured bottoms to ensure that your soap bar doesn't slip away. Go for the classic horizontal bumps or a grid to keep a grip on even the slipperiest bars.

If you like the rustic look as much as we do, try one featuring choppy wood and unevenly cut marble. This bathroom tray idea not only gives you helpful traction but also adds a lived-in feeling to your bathroom design. We also recommend neutrals like bright white and glass if versatility is your thing. And we think these styles are great modern bath trays for design chameleons who like to change up their look or move from place to place often. Whichever method you choose, it's helpful to draw inspiration from your bathroom furniture so that your current decor and new design elements play nicely together. Alternatively, you can raise the bar while keeping the (soap) bar in place with unexpected materials that let you inject some personality into your bathroom tray ideas. For example, alabaster and pearl add an ethereal look — we're talking real-life mermaid status with these softly glowing materials.

Make Mornings Smoother With Organizing Trays

Looking for something to turn your clutter into a creatively organized collection? Try these organizational bathroom tray ideas, which usually include larger trays to keep more of your belongings in place. These can be luxury bath trays that incorporate upscale materials, or minimalistic designs that keep it simple with smooth ceramic and other affordable options. Either way, they hold your lotions and potions to keep your countertop area organized.

To corral items like cotton pads and swabs, throw in additional accessories like jars and pots. Choose unique bed and bath products, sourced from locations all around the globe, to add a worldly touch to your counter. If you're a beauty junkie, too, another bathroom tray idea is to use them to sort cosmetics. Whether you want to display your luxe lipstick stash or simply keep your pared-down collection in one place, a sleek organizational tray gives these loose makeup items a home. If you're trying to make guests feel extra welcome, or just want to spruce up your morning, breathe some life into your counter with colorful floral arrangements, which you can place in a vase that complements your tray design.

Create a Safe Haven for Your Jewelry

One of the often forgotten bathroom tray ideas that we love is adding ring dishes to your counter. These usually feature a post-like shape in the middle where you can stack rings, as well as a flat surface where you can place other items for safekeeping, like pocket change or necklaces. Choose from a wide selection of ring dishes, luxury bath trays and other bath accessories to find a style that keeps everything safe while pairing nicely with the rest of your decor.

Add Some Pizzazz With Decorative Bath Trays

If you've already chosen the functional pieces that make up the foundation of your counter space, you can have a little more fun with decorative bath trays, too. These options include beautiful prints that can complement any color scheme. Or, let the vibrant pattern speak for itself by letting it pop against a minimalist counter. We also adore the look of modern bath trays for a sleeker appearance.

A fun bathroom tray idea is to keep with your current theme by adding these accent pieces. For example, try throwing in some sailor-esque stripes and anchor motifs to play with a nautical theme. You can also go for a global vibe with unique trinkets that look like you picked them up from a market during your most recent globetrotting adventure. We also recommend pottery and potpourri, both of which are useful additions to create a more welcoming bathroom. If you're more of a modernist, consider sleek candles to complement your modern bath tray. Remember that decorative options can be functional, too. For instance, use them to hold small towels so your guests can easily dry off their hands.

Whether you like to spend an hour getting ready each morning or have your 5-minute routine down to a science, your bathroom counter is a key part of your daily life. This space deserves a design of its own, and using these bathroom tray ideas to add both personal flair and organization can really help. With these tips and tricks, you can buy bath trays for their luxe, modern or decorative features to match your needs, so you can spend less time rummaging for that hair tie and more time enjoying some much-needed "me time."