Bathroom Rug Ideas to Transform Your Space

A bath rug can elevate the look of your bathroom. From furniture accents to pieces of art, just one has the ability to take on many tasks. Looking at the conventional as well as the unconventional uses gives you several bath rug ideas and helps you find the best choices for your own home.

The Conventional Use

What is a bath rug? It seems like a simple question, but the answer often lies in how you use it. Colors and patterns can turn any bath rug into a stylish accessory for your bathroom. Bold tones present a striking contrast to white marble tile, while neutral hues offer an understated complement to colorful walls. Among patterns, even a small change in direction alters the rug's design. Horizontal stripes may create the illusion of elongated spaces, while vertical stripes appear to widen an area when used near the center of the room.

For a clean, fresh motif, think about natural fibers. Most natural fiber rugs present a combination of durability and luxury that enhances a room's decor. Jute and bamboo are two choices from this category. Bamboo itself is a water-resistant material that keeps its distinctive look, even after years of use. The material's light tone works with many types of wood flooring.

An Entry Point

For entryways and doorways, bath rugs are surprisingly effective options, as their durability can take the demands of these often high-traffic areas. When it comes to choosing this type of rug for entryways:

  • Look for lower pile or flat fiber designs when choosing interior welcome mats
  • With fiber selections, the spacing of the fibers should be close enough to properly clean the soles of shoes or boots as they cross the thresholds
  • Choose rectangular forms, especially elongated lengths, for short hallways or entryways
  • If using natural fiber options, look for wooden textures or grains that work with the patterns found in existing hardwood floors
  • Try circular designs that you can place in the center of the spaces or at any doorway
  • Draw Attention to Your Favorites

    Introducing a bath rug in front of or underneath a piece of furniture can accentuate its already prominent aesthetic. Bigger pieces really benefit from the use of a similarly sized rug, so look at choices with a longer length. Place one across the front of a cabinet or dresser to give you more comfort while accessing your favorite storage items. This often draws the eyes to the middle or lower part of the piece.

    Be creative with your selection of color and fabric, especially when highlighting a particular seating arrangement. Use a smaller bath rug size under your desk chair to improve comfort when you plan on sitting for long periods of time. Try a wood or plastic bath mat in your home office to improve the movement of the desk chair across wall-to-wall carpeting. Teak, known for its use in boats, is surprisingly good for this use. If you have a coastal or nautical-themed room, use one of these mats to provide a perfect match for surrounding decor.

    Children's rooms offer a great space for bath rug collections. Choose a design with their favorite characters or colors and set it under their toy box. The rug not only protects their toys but also the floor itself. Combine a few styles to create a fun play area that's also stain resistant. When playtime's over, put it away or leave the covering in place for a more permanent solution to flooring. Place one bath rug on either side of your child's bed to draw focus to the bed frame.

    Bring Art Into the Space

    Art is one of the most interesting ways to include a bath rug in your room. A floor covering with patterns or pictures, much like an area rug, can easily become a tapestry. Add a frame to create an even more refined look. The frame itself can include matting that fills in open spaces. Hang the framed rug over your sofa or sectional to produce a conversation piece. Group together several framed selections in various places along the wall to create a unique effect. Scatter the frames for an abstract design that works well with modern or minimalist styles.

    Water-resistant rugs can also make a statement outdoors. Use with a statue or fountain to emphasize a sense of rest and relaxation. Choose contrasting colors or pick a natural tone to expertly blend into your patio. You can also put the space to use with outdoor rugs or accessories that complement the atmosphere. When searching for a floor covering that will be near water, think about durable materials such as:

  • Nylon
  • Polyurethane
  • Rope
  • Bamboo
  • Foam 

  • A great bath rug can influence how you or your visitors see any room. Every aspect, from color to setting varies enough to touch on the most popular home decor styles. Search our selection of  rugs and find something unique and perfect for every space in your home.