Modern Bathroom Decorating Trends to Refresh Your Restroom for Less

Bathrooms just don't get enough love when it's time for a home update. We're out to change that with some exciting, modern bathroom decorating trends that won't break the bank. Check out a few new ideas that might just make the restroom your favorite room in the house.

Clean Up on Unconventional Soap Dishes and Dispensers

If you want to elevate the look of your bathroom on a less-than-luxe budget, look no further than the soap dishes and dispensers sitting on your vanity. Look for trendsetting soap dishes that juxtapose the fun and the functional to create something special for your space. Match up unique pieces with decorative soap bars to create accessories that are their own works of art. 

Colored or patterned glass jars are unique choices among bathroom decorating trends. Add liquid soap and a lid with a pump to make your own personal hand soap dispenser. If you want to stick to bar options, stack them up in a jar or pair them with other beauty products. Mix and match colors and styles to enhance the drama. Ceramic versions include vibrant designs ranging from your standard flower motifs to abstract artwork and look just as charming on your vanity.

Reflect on Trendsetting Mirrors

Bathroom mirrors have been constrained to the medicine cabinet for far too long. When you're looking for a mirror or mirrors, keep up with bathroom decorating trends that treat your bath like a showcase for stylish expressions. Place mirrored panels together or pull them apart for a distinctive design that's hard to miss. You can always add some items in between the panels. We also like how the frames surrounding a mirror become part of your bathroom decor collection. Think about circular frames that look like the sun or look for twisted natural materials that weave themselves into special patterns. You can even place pictures or personal treasures around the mirror itself. No matter what you choose, there's a wide range of bed and bath products that'll perfectly match your unique details.

Shower Curtains and Hooks That Show Off Your Style

Shower curtains don't have to be dull — in fact, they can be your most eye-catching feature! Whether you want to travel in time or take a trip around the globe, patterned designs can do both while staying true to current bathroom decorating trends. Retro styling combines looks from the past with the most popular bathroom decorating tips from top stylists. Shower curtains with an international flare introduce unique patterns and looks from every continent and give your space a vibrant update. Pair them with matching home decorative accessories or make a statement with contrasting choices.

If you think it ends with the fabric itself, we have some other bathroom decorating tips to keep your style fresh. If you want to stick with traditional shower curtain rings, we think fun colors and different materials are an excellent way to take advantage of various bathroom decorating trends. What do we mean by materials? Plastic is fine, but warm golden hooks or cool silver rings can change the appearance of the entire room. Of course, you can always highlight the things you love with rings that come in figures or shapes tailored to almost every interest.

Step Up to Fashion-Forward Bath Mats

When you step into your bathroom, chances are good that a bath mat will be there, front and center. However, we're seeing the traditional mat morphing into some exciting shapes and styles that are far from the classic shag rug. It's all about color when it comes to modern bathroom decorating trends. Tie-dyed colors can bring together a rainbow of options or just focus on a selected hue. In a separate, but equally appealing choice, gradient colors give you a range of hues from the darkest to the lightest palettes.

Let us offer some inspiration when it comes to bathroom decorating tips. Finding bath rugs and mats with inspirational quotes or messages can help you meet any goal. Animal shapes are another fun bathroom home decor choice that we've seen put to use in traditional as well as trendy bathrooms. Kids love bath mats with designs that look like animals such as tigers or polar bears.

Have you thought about wood bath mats as a part of your bathroom decor collection? We think about them a lot because they're durable choices that might just make you say goodbye to fabric rugs. Both bamboo and teak are popular mat materials that can handle anything your bathroom can throw at them. When it's time for a little maintenance, simply wipe them off and go. Unlike their fabric counterparts, there's no downtime as you wait for them to dry after a full wash.

Turn Storage Solutions into Fashionable Additions

From hygiene products to makeup to clothing, everything seems to end up in the bathroom at some point. If you store numerous towels there, we recommend tiered towers to hold them. They're also useful if you need a place for robes and any bath accessories you might use during the day. Storing your soaps, lotions and creams neatly is also important when it comes to modern bathroom decorating trends. Fabric or metal baskets give you open storage solutions for all those bottles, bars and tubes. Metal options are helpful if you have many liquids, while fabrics are classic bathroom home decor items.

The bathroom can always use laundry hampers. Fabric varieties are on-trend because they fold up easily and stay out of the way in smaller rooms. Solid hampers made from materials such as stone and metal bring a hint of modern industrial style to your restroom. When not in use, we like to stack them up to make way for other items. You can also take advantage of bathroom decorating tips that use them as decorative pieces.

Modern bathroom decorating trends are changing the way we look at bathrooms. Even the smallest fashion-forward ideas and specialty bathroom home decor can help you discover a room you'll enjoy. Check out the trendsetting items that are changing the game for bathrooms everywhere.