Discovering Natural Relaxation: A Bath Salts Buying Guide

Welcome to our collection of bath salt ideas—your invitation to a world of deep and fragrant relaxation. Whether winding down after a long day, revitalizing yourself for new challenges or as a regular ritual to enhance your lifestyle, we recommend the many bath salt benefits as an elegantly simple way to refresh in the comfort of home.

Bath Salt Ideas for a Touch of Deserved Decadence

After the long day is complete, it's time to think about you, and what could be more tempting than soaking in a hot bath? It's the ideal way to pamper yourself after a day well spent and wind down for a night of restorative sleep. Hot water works wonders, but here's a little tip that'll really make bath time a truly special and sensual experience: add some exquisite bath salts to the water, like those believed to have medicinal purposes.

Discover Tub Time Treats for Body, Mind and Spirit

Also known as mineral salts or bath crystals, bath salts are comprised of various types of salt suffused with a tempting range of essential oils and dried flowers or herbs to provide an aromatic and uplifting experience.

Getting bath salt benefits is refreshingly simple. You simply pour the crystals into your hot bath and sit back in the warm and aromatic water to enjoy the nourishment and stimulating scent of the bath salts and the benefits of the botanical essence or essential oil. We'd like to share our favorite bath salt ideas for your pleasure.

The Magic of Mineral Salts

Among the bath salts that we love: pink Himalayan selections sourced from ancient seabeds in the mighty "Abode of Snows"; Mediterranean or Celtic sea salt; and Epsom salts. All are rich in magnesium, potassium, iodine, iron and other key minerals that soften the water and also are known to help relax muscles and deeply cleanse the skin.While soaking in simple bath salts is a delight in itself, we believe that choosing blends featuring essential oils or botanicals can enhance the pleasure, effectiveness and bath salt benefits many times over. You get to enjoy a spa experience right at home!

The Essence of Essential Oils

Essential oils, credited with many powerful properties along with their delightful scents, come from the distilled essence of plants. Among our favorite bath salt ideas are the aroma of eucalyptus, thought to deliver energizing and detoxifying properties. Another gem is lavender, which is believed to have relaxing effects. It's the perfect oil for a pre-bedtime soak. Other aromas that we think hit the spot are rosemary and ylang ylang, said to refresh the mind and spirit, and chamomile, thought to offer stress-busting properties. The possible list of bath salt benefits is virtually never ending. Along with essential oils, bath salts can also include flowers and blossoms, such as lavender, rose and chamomile. We're sure you'll be delighted by the way they add a touch of natural color and bouquet to any bath. They also make a lovely addition to any skin care routine.

Bath Salt Ideas to Soothe Your Entire Being

Bath crystals help you wind down and prepare for slumber, and you can enjoy a fragrant bath as a daily ritual or regular pampering experience. Try preparing your own special list of bath salts with your favorite scent to match your mood. Choose from one of our favorites, like the tropical scent of coconut and hibiscus, or opt for traditional European blends of chamomile, lavender and rose to create your dream home spa and relaxation zone.

Indulge Yourself with Divine Bath Salt Ideas

Here's a neat idea: Enhance the mood of your bathroom with scented candles and your favorite music to create your own personal sanctuary. You can get creative with bath salt ideas for some truly special nights at home.

If you're preparing for an important occasion, such as a meeting or gala event, spending a session in a hot bath may help you cast off fatigue and stress, and restore and rebalance your system. After a 20-minute soak in some energizing bath salts, we're sure you'll be ready to face the world refreshed and full of confidence. We think you'll also love the relaxing bath salt benefits after yoga or a vigorous workout.

Bath Salt Ideas for Fresh and Fragrant Feet

Many of us spend hours on our feet each day, either walking or standing, and a foot soak can do a world of good. Just fill up a bowl with hot water, add some foot crystals and delight your weary limbs with foot salt baths. Infused with ylang ylang, lavender and other botanical fragrances, they'll leave your feet and toes positively glowing.

The Right Selections for Bath Time Bliss

When deciding on the right list of bath salts, we think that your first consideration should be the mood you wish to create. It's believed that most blends are relaxing, and that lavender and jasmine are especially suited for late-night baths, as they tend to lull us toward sleep. If you're bathing before a night out, choose peppermint, eucalyptus or lemon, which may help energize your system and clear your mind.

Account for your skin type as well when considering bath salt ideas. Coconut is thought to nourish dry skin, while lemon and other citrus formulations may help with oily skin. You can also choose fragrances that complement your current soaps and lotions.

Cute Containers for Bath Time Chic

For the list of bath salts you'll be regularly using, we'd like to suggest you invest in large jars so you always have a supply on hand. This way, they'll be a key component in your set of essential bath accessories. The same goes for those formulas that really hit the spot.

For variety and for delightful spur-of-the-moment treats, you can pick up bath salts in handy tubes or envelopes, either singly or in sets of two. We feel they're ideal when conjuring up an impromptu soak whenever the mood strikes, so you can enjoy bath salt benefits anytime.

We think these envelopes and tubes of bath crystals also make lovely small gifts, as they're compact, chic and show that you care. Fashioned from elegant glass and fitted with cork stoppers and twine ties, the tubes are as stylish as they're practical, while the envelopes come decorated with attractive motifs. We really excited about the fact that they offer a great way to pass bath salt benefits to those you love. Pick a few for that friend stressed out with a new job or who has a hyperactive toddler.

We hope our bath salts ideas have inspired you to discover a new world of absolute repose in the comfort of home. With the right bath salts on hand, you're always ready to create your luxurious home sanctuary, so browse the carefully curated list of bath salts in our bed and bath products lineup, and prepare for relaxation.