Painting by Numbers and Other Art Gift Ideas for Your Crafty Child 

Creativity stimulates multiple aspects of the brain in a way that no other activity does. Whether your child is young or in their teenage years, they need outlets to express their emotions and ideas, making art gift ideas some of the best presents for any age. The best art gifts are ones that help your child see different textures and shapes, stimulating different parts of their brain that control their intelligence and ingenuity. Even if the craft is a little messy, take the time to get to know the inner workings of your child’s mind with a gift that ignites their passion.

Every child has different types of art that they enjoy. Most people learn to draw much sooner than they learn to write out what’s in their head, so learn about what your child enjoys drawing with the most. You have a chance to expand their interests with art gifts that go beyond the use of stickers and glitter. Take the opportunity to find the right arts and crafts gifts to suit your child.

Drawing With Colored Pencils and Markers 

The easiest art gift ideas expand your child’s love of coloring with different pencils and markers. The list of supplies needed is minimal, though there are many assorted colors and textures to sift through for a creative art gift that includes more than just a box of crayons. Scented markers and colored pencils offer a unique twist on any project. Add some coloring books with their favorite animals, or get drawing paper to let them create their own designs. Use some art hanging hacks to post their masterpieces on the walls or the fridge. If you want to give them more freedom in their craftiness, the best art gifts are inclusive gift sets with markers, colored pencils, and even a doodle pad to take anywhere they want to go. 

Build Something New 

Some kids enjoy working with their hands, opening the door to many art gift ideas. Construction projects are like puzzles that help your child work a different part of their brain, analyzing the shapes that fit each space. Find stackable blocks and Legos that kids of all ages can use for new building structures. If your child is a little older with good concentration, a model car or plane to build and/or paint are wonderful art gift ideas to practice intricate details. Build kits for birdhouses and other small items are a great way to instill the love of creation in your child. 

Get Messy with Paint 

No matter the age of your child, paint is a fun and messy art gift idea that enables them to create something with textures that pencils and markers can’t. Finger paint is the messiest of the art lover gifts, but it teaches children better dexterity with the designs that their hands make. If your child is old enough to handle a paintbrush, get an easel that meets their height to let them create paintings and other artwork. Watercolors are one of the easiest mediums to manipulate, though any of these let your child create works of art and maybe even a DIY Valentine’s gift for you. Kits like paint-by-numbers are available for all age groups and can help ignite a child's creativity. 

Create Something Together 

One of the best art gift ideas for children is a project that allows you to create something together. Time spent with siblings and parents is valuable, so try to find art projects you can do as a family. These typically work the best with older children in their preteens, like braiding friendship bracelets or learning to knit. However, if you want to involve your youngest children in this quality time, one of the best gifts for them is to create necklaces, which only require some large beads and a bit of yarn until they are ready for smaller supplies. Regardless of your art gift ideas, sharing your time is the best part of any present.

With so many types of modern art gifts available, your inventive children have a chance to express their personality and emotions in a healthy way. Store all the kits and sets in their own closet, or find art supplies in travel kits that you bring in the car during long car rides. It’s easy to entertain your children, but choosing a creative present for a birthday or holiday encourages them to pursue their passion for art. You know your child better than anyone, so take the opportunity to find gifts that suit their favorite art utensils.

With a few art gift ideas, you give your children freedom from the real world for just a moment, as they dive into their imagination. Kids need time to show their emotions and relax with some crayons or paint. Browse the available selections to decide on the best art gifts for their personal interests, or seek out innovative ways to expand their skill set.