Arrange Your Outdoor Space: Wicker Furniture Ideas 

When you set up your backyard with new furniture, you need to consider multiple materials and styles for a look that matches your personality. Every yard is different, which is why you need to choose a design that lasts through the varying seasons. Each material has its own benefits, and resin wicker furniture dances between traditional, modern, and classic, all at once.

Beautiful outdoor wicker furniture has many appealing benefits. Since its original creation before 400 AD, the style has evolved over time and now comes in many colors, shapes, and styles that appeal to any theme. Most importantly, the wicker of old is now resin wicker, making outdoor pieces weather resistant and ultra durable. The material itself is lightweight, yet sturdy enough to maintain its shape through daily use. However, the greatest appeal is how cost effective it is for any budget.

Most people enjoy the look of wicker seating in their backyard, since it is lighter in weight than wrought iron, with the skilled woven texture that wood lacks. Use wicker to create any formal or casual appearance, including every style in between. If you want the best wicker furniture for your home, check out a few ideas to help with your decision.

Decide How Much Wicker to Include 

The evolution of wicker furniture has transformed it from an archaic style to an elegant and refined motif. Despite this change, it’s important to have an idea of how much wicker you want to include in your yard. Some people only choose a few pieces, but redecorating your entire backyard requires a little more home wicker furniture than a chair or two.

Choosing to have all your outdoor furniture in resin wicker is a bold choice, but uniformity ensures that your yard looks professional and balanced. Make a seating area with smaller wicker chairs and tables for the perfect layout setting for a backyard barbecue. Try adding storage space or an ottoman to create balance. If you experience uncertainty during the decisions, consider finding a whole wicker furniture collection that already matches to end the search.

Choose the Same Color 

When you start planning the look of your backyard, if you want an arrangement that looks cohesive, you need all the outdoor furniture to match. Dark espresso or black wicker is bold and dramatic, which is perfect for complementing light-colored pillows and cushions. This hue keeps the classy appearance that wicker furniture embodies, but gives you sophistication.

If you want the timeless appeal of wicker, use wicker furniture in white or beige. That southern country elegance works wonderfully with a green lawn or even a wooden deck. If you want a French country arrangement in the backyard, choose wood tones for your wicker furniture.

Add Cushions for Comfort and Style 

Though wicker furniture alone balances with the natural look of any yard, choosing cushions and other accents introduces complexity to the patio. Fabric has a level of versatility that brings the whole area together. Use the same pattern for all the cushions, or accent with a combination of solids and a singular pattern. Lounge wicker furniture pieces are some of the best for this look, since you have just enough room to lean back against a pillow, cover up with a matching blanket, and watch the sun go down. 

Use a Bold Focal Point 

To complete the look of the arrangement, add a focal point that draws the attention of guests and family members when they sit down. A fireplace or a fire pit adds an edgy rawness to your wicker furniture, especially when ignited. If your state prohibits a controlled fire near the home, choose an art piece from another culture as an interesting conversation starter, or to bring out the colors in the cushions. Don’t ignore the importance of personal touches to go along with your furniture, like a bowl of fresh fruit in the middle of a coffee table, or candles next to the coziest armchair.

Choose the Background 

Whether you decorate the front patio or the backyard, the right background for your new furniture changes the entire tone. The versatility of wicker complements any outdoor motif easily, and the scenery is crucial in setting the tone for the decor. Add charm with any size garden, or keep accessories minimal while poolside. Even a rocky yard needs a seating area, so let wicker furniture balance the ruggedness.

As you choose the right outdoor furniture arrangement for your needs, you have an opportunity to make the outside of your home as lovely as the inside. With many styles and colors, you don’t have to choose between comfort and style; get both when you shop for the best wicker furniture. Once you know what you want on your patio, embark on a shopping trip to check out the latest trends in the industry.