Accessorize Any Room with Unique Accent Furniture

Buying a living room set isn't enough to really complete a room—you also need the right accent furniture to round it out. So, what is accent furniture, anyway? It's best to sum it up as supplemental furniture. These are the pieces that you place in each room to add function, style, and artistic interest. If your living room, family room, entryway, or bedroom seems a little empty, you might just need a few new accent pieces to give them a finished look.

The right chairs, tables, and bookcases not only serve particular functions, but they're also good for creating visual appeal in a room, sectioning off one area from another, and putting an exclamation point on your decor.

Before you start picking out accent furniture, you should consider functionality. Does the room need more seating or extra surface space? Consider a cute, colorful chair or a sleek glass bookcase. Make sure you have enough room for more furniture, as you don't want to crowd the space.

Accent furniture designs can be bold statement pieces in bright colors or fun patterns, or they can be neutral and blend in. You don't have to stick to one motif when adding it. Many neutral pieces work well whether your design preference is mid-century modern, traditional, shabby chic, or contemporary.

Accent Chairs as Statement Pieces

Buying handcrafted accent furniture is a great way to add style to a room that is lacking warmth and charm. You can find pieces that are as functional as they are artistic—pieces that look as though you traveled the world to discover them.

If your room is filled mostly with neutrals and you need to add a pop of color, consider accent furniture designs in bold patterns and mixed materials. An accent chair covered with an unusual fabric provides extra seating, but it also speaks to your personal culture or style.

You can find unique upholstered accent furniture that works well in a bedroom, living room, family room, or entryway. Other than seating, these accent chairs can also be a convenient place for guests to hang a coat or place a purse or bag when they visit.

Room Dividers: Use Your Imagination

You don't just buy accent furniture to fill out a room; these pieces can also be functional. Many homes have a large main space that's meant to be a combination living room and dining room, but it needs some definition. Use screens or other accent pieces to separate and define the two living spaces.

Try searching for console tables or a long buffet-style table to create a low-profile divider. There are plenty of accent tables that will work well behind a sofa. You can even buy supplemental pieces such as entryway benches with hooks at the top and add some fabric to create a stylish privacy screen.

Here are some accent furniture ideas that help define a space and offer added functionality too:

Accent Furniture

Original Function

Other Functions


Hold books

Room divider, place for art, extra surface area, hold media



Room divider, plant stand, extra surface area

Console table

Accent table

Room divider, extra surface area, art display

End tables

Extra surface area

Room divers, storage, art display

Create Eye-Level Interest

If you're not already using your wall space for accent furniture, you're missing out on a great place to add storage. Hang up shelves to hold art, photos, and knickknacks. You can line up green plants on the top shelf to keep them out of reach of children and pets. A mirror propped on a shelf can make the room appear larger, too.

Use Accent Furniture in Your Foyer

A console table is a great example of traditional accent furniture. Place one in an entryway to make a spot for keys, purses, and bags. These tables usually have slim designs that sit flush against the wall for a minimal footprint that won't cost you too much floor space. If your foyer has a lot of bold art or other eye-catching pieces, opt for an understated console table. If you've just started decorating, consider a console table that functions as a statement piece. Add color with a brightly painted console table, or select a large, heavy table with many shelves for a foyer that needs a focal point.

The best accent furniture ideas are the ones that are fun and functional. You can give shape and definition to large rooms with a series bookcases or benches, and you can add extra seating in a room that needs just a little more. A bench or console table with hidden storage makes for a multi purpose piece in your foyer. Browse our collection of quality accent furniture, and create a personalized living space that's welcoming and unique.