Accessorize Your Dining Area with These Dining Table Ideas

Dining tables are often the heart of a home or apartment where friends and family gather to share a meal or a friendly family game night, so you want to make the space as warm and inviting as possible. Whether you're accessorizing a table with creative accents or introducing a brand new table to the current arrangement, there are some surefire ways to update any dining area.

The Shape of Things

A dining table's shape is important to the room's layout and ambiance. A great shape not only enhances the decor or theme but also provides the right amount of space.

ShapeWhat Makes It A Great ChoiceTips For Introducing This Shape Into Your Own Home
RoundThe circular shape makes a great focal point.Try placing a round table in the middle of the room. When it's not in use as a dining space, turn it into a display for your favorite items.
OvalOval shapes offer a different choice for families or large groups who want a more casual dining experience.An oval design often becomes the highlight of the room. For that reason, use the table's shape to your advantage. Add a striking runner in the center and place the table parallel to any nearby doorways.
SquareThis form is a classic among dining rooms sets that transcends retro styling and modern details.Square dining tables make an excellent space for game nights. Folding tables from this category can be quickly stored between meals or gatherings.
RectangularA rectangular shape gives the impression of elongation in a space.Small spaces as well as areas with wooden dining room furniture benefit from rectangular tables. The illusion of added length also gets a boost from mirrored accent pieces or even mirrored finishes on parts of the table itself.
CustomCustom shapes provide a special form that is as unique as you are. They're also a great match for a variety of dining chairs.Small custom dining tables can be used as display pieces or placed together to create a larger table during parties. Look for pieces with an interlocking design that takes advantage of this concept.

Unique Materials

Materials are the highlight of every dining room table. No matter what theme or decor style you're dealing with, there's a unique material that matches any dining table features.

  • Glass - These tables feature a see through top that shows off a variety of table leg styles. To make the most effective use of it, layer glass table tops with colorful materials to create a trendsetting dining table design.
  • Formica - This retro material is durable and presents a long-lasting shine. Look for colors and patterns that accentuate the decor.
  • Reclaimed Wood - Also known as recycled wood, it features a deeper, rougher texture from years of use. Unfinished wood dining tables look great in rustic or ocean-themed settings.
  • Stone - Stone presents classic details and a sense of elegant styling. Match it up with conventional materials such as stainless steel for a surprisingly effective choice.
  • Contrasting Styles

    Choosing contrasting styles is a creative way of changing up a room's ambiance. Bring a touch of city styling to rustic settings or introduce vintage tables to contemporary themes, there's no wrong answer when it comes to mixing decor. For example, mixing a modern dining table and a classically themed room.  Look for a modern table with steel or metallic accents. Many classically themed rooms showcase white or metal pieces that work well with modern dining table features. Another fun combination involves a retro dining table in a modern room. Retro tables look great in modern rooms, especially among other assembled dining room furniture pieces with muted tones. Look for brightly colored tables to make the room pop and turn the dining table into a showpiece. Finally, the wooden details of rustic tables often work well in contemporary spaces. Darker woods and unfinished choices also present a versatile table design among contemporary styling.

    Accessories for Maximum Effect

    Before, during, and after a meal, a dining table's accessories make the difference. Finding the right pieces and ways to maximize their effect can take any decor to the next level. Start with the current decor in the room, and then think about what you want the table itself to represent. If you love gourmet dinner parties, think about fun accents such as card holders and full place settings that remain on display, even when you're not preparing the next delicious recipe. For coastal themes, consider dining table ideas that include a handmade centerpiece with seashells and nautical accents. Add some bold striped pillows to your dining room collection and watch those oceanic details come to life.

    Choosing a new dining table or updating your current edition can change the entire look of a dining room. Don't be afraid to use your imagination and introduce changes that match your unique needs. Find new dining room tables to match any space and don't forget to accessorize to bring your dining table designs to life.