You've Got Mail: A Guide to Finding the Best Stationery Gifts  

A handwritten letter is already personal, but the stationery you use says something about your personality as well. You show your interests and style through the different patterns, which is why the act of giving a stationery gift to a friend or loved one is deeply personal. With so many designs to choose from, finding the best gifts for someone is a matter of learning about their personality.

Stationery gift items go far beyond paper for letter writing as there are many types of supplies to coordinate into gift sets. Depending on the recipient’s needs, stationery sets include everything from folders and envelopes to journals and notebooks. Some people even add gift wrap and stationery packaging to offer a customized look for anything from their desk. If you want to give the best gift for someone that loves writing, check out a few of these stationery gift ideas.

Choosing a Pattern

Before you decide on a stationery gift set or collection the recipient may want, you need to start off by choosing the best pattern. The one you choose makes a big statement about the personality of the receiver, so consider their hobbies and interests. Keep in mind if the user plans to keep their stationery gift items for office or personal use since each one may necessitate a different pattern.

Find stationery gift items that feature patterns that appeal to your loved one’s interests. If they enjoy worldly culture and studying geography, find a map theme to express it. For people that like Mexican culture and bright colors, celebrate their heritage with a Day of the Dead theme. Even if their overall style is classic or trendy, you can easily find a two-tone pattern or a motivational saying to encourage them. Some of these motifs even come in gift sets so that your collection of stationery gift ideas blend together.

Since stationery gifts include the gift wrapping and party supplies that you need around the holidays, look for festive designs as well. Even if you aren’t giving a full set, use the materials to help you create a present for someone that doesn’t include the classic wrapping paper you normally see at the store. This individualized touch means just as much as the notion of giving a stationery gift set since you play upon their interests.

Selecting the Writing Utensils

When you have the beginnings of stationery gift items for yourself or the receiver of your gifts, you need to add writing utensils. Choose between something formal or casual, depending on the rest of the theme. If you're lucky, there’s already a corresponding pen or pencil with your collection. However, look for unique stationery gifts to find the most appropriate utensils for the set.

Formal and fancy utensils match the office, but a casual pen with fun and silly shapes works for other situations. Look for your favorite animals, or choose accessories that match the color scheme. In addition to pens and pencils, choose erasers and sharpeners that keep your writing utensils performing at their best level.

Adding Accessories

To round out these writing supplies, choose other stationery gift items and accessories that complement the set. Whether at home or at the office, take the time to add a personal touch for the recipient, playing upon their practical needs and their individual personality. Customize the smallest details for that little hint of uniqueness with each of your stationery gift ideas.

Sticky notes and tape dispensers are essentials for any desk, but you can personalize them by seeking out silly shapes that keep your positive mood going. A tape dispenser follows the same idea, though you can still choose the style and shape. However, if you or a friend have the luxury of working from home, find a desk that helps keep the stationery gift sets and accessories organized. 

When it comes to a comfortable area for your desired stationery gift items, the tiny details play a major role. With different decorations on every single piece, you have a chance to create a completely customized setup that speaks directly to the receiver of this special and unique gift. With different writing paper, journals, and even envelopes, these presents help anyone add their own special touch to anything they send out.

The best part about choosing stationery gift ideas that work is the search, learning what designs are available that make the most personal gift. Check out the online selection to determine what the best item is for your loved one, whether they need formal designs for the office, or something with a little more flair for personal use. As you browse, you may even find something to add to your own office, so feel free to stock up on stationery gift items that suit your style.