Morocco Collection

Create the look of a Moroccan-style, boho-chic home with our Morocco Collection characterized by vibrant colors, authentic Safi ceramics and handcrafted textiles.

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Blue Fez Tile Dinnerware
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Fez Moroccan Tile Dinnerware
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Moroccan Tea Glasses Set of 6
Chemins de Fer Vintage Moroccan Travel Poster
Chemins de Fer Vintage Moroccan Travel Poster
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Morocco's rich culture is reflected in its design style, and with its alluring colors, textures and designs it's no wonder everyone wants to incorporate Moroccan flavor into their home decor. Browse our Morocco Collection to sort through handcrafted gems to adorn any room in your home. Bring a sense of Moroccan coastal living with our candleholders and highlight beautifully crafted pottery in various sizes. Add a stunningly handcrafted table next to casual seating options, like gorgeous leather or textured wool poufs. Don't worry, we can always teach you five ways to be stylish with your pouf.

Bring pattern and vibrant color to your walls with our assortment of affordable decorative posters and wall art. Feel like you're walking down cobblestone streets throughout your home with authentic leather babouche shoes. Transport the rich color and design of your Moroccan decor into your kitchen with unique ceramic tile dinnerware, tea glasses and decorative tagines. You'll find endless inspiration for your favorite dishes like Moroccan chicken!

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