Keep all of your kitchen items organized with a variety of storage containers. Find spice jars and salt and pepper shakers, refrigerator containers, cookie jars, lunch bags and other food storage options.

Olive Wood Salt Cellar with Swivel Lid
Good Morning Sunshine Ceramic Coffee Canister
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Small Marble Pattern Ceramic Storage Canister
Medium Marble Pattern Ceramic Storage Canister
White Marble Salt Cellar with Lid
White Wire Macrame 3 Tier Hanging Storage Basket
White Wire Macrame 2 Tier Spice Rack
Glass Bottle with Clamp Stopper
Square Glass Bottle with Clamp Stopper
Ball Quart Mason Wide Mouth Jars, Set of 12
Ball Pint Mason Jars, Set of 12
Stainless Steel Lidded Spice Jars, Set of 6
Round Spice Jars with Lids, Set of 6
Square Oil Bottle Set of 24
Spice Jars with Ceramic Lids, Set of 12
Meowing Cat Bag Clip
Fluf Hangry and Out Organic Cotton Lunch Bags Set of 2
Fluf Hangry and Out Organic Cotton Lunch Bags Set of 2
Russbe Large Bento Lunch Boxes Set of 2
Russbe Small Oval Bento Lunch Boxes Set of 2
PackIt Aqua Tie Dye Freezable Lunch Bag
Elephants on Parade Jane Insulated Lunch Bag
Teal Pineapple Jane Insulated Lunch Bag
PackIt Mod Style Freezable Lunch Bag
Small Popcorn Boxes, 12-Count
Green Recycled Glass Spice Jars, Set of 4

Discover the perfect kitchen storage solutions with our assortment of spice jars, cookie jars, storage containers, lunch bags and bento boxes and more. Kitchens accumulate a lot of small gadgets, tools, and treats, so it's always a good idea to have organization in mind. And you don't need to sacrifice charm or beauty for function, either.

Keep your spices fresh in our airtight jars, just the right size for a stylish spice rack or drawer. We have special salt and pepper sets that bring a bit of whimsy and charm to the table, or you can choose sleek and sophisticated electric mills for your finer peppercorns. We even have cellars for your salt cellars and honey pots. Your dry goods like pasta, rice and rolled oats belong in a chic storage container like our textured options, although clear glass makes a great choice too. We even have tea tins!

Next time you bake some delicious cookies, make sure you've got a charming cookie jar to stash your sweets in. And the revolution in meal-prepping means an explosion of creative and fun ways to pack a lunch. We've got everything from our exclusive printed lunch bags to leak-proof bento boxes and reusable sandwich bags. Loving the earth is cool! With our assortment of handy and chic kitchen storage, you'll never have messy countertops again. And if you do, well, we've got the supplies for a quick and speedy cleanup.

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