Brew the best pour over coffee in a classic Chemex. These glass coffee makers and accessories are known for brewing pure, flavorful coffee without sediment or bitterness.

Chemex Ottomatic 6 Cup Pour Over Coffee Machine Set
Chemex 8-Cup Coffeemaker
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Chemex 3 Cup Glass Coffeemaker
Chemex 10 Cup Glass Coffeemaker
Chemex 6 Cup Glass Coffeemaker
Chemex 8 Cup Glass Handle Pour Over Coffee Maker
Chemex Hand Blown Glass Water Kettle
Chemex Hand Blown Glass Cream and Sugar 2 Piece Set
Chemex Unbleached Coffee Filters, 100 Count
Chemex Stainless Steel Electric Stovetop Wire Grid
Chemex Glass Coffeemaker Cover

Take your taste buds on an international journey with a Chemex pour over coffee maker, known for brewing flavorful coffee without any of the sediment or bitterness you might expect from slow brew. Let yourself go wild with our global assortment of coffees: choose from Colombian, Kona, Ethiopian, Tanzanian and so much more! If you're new to making pour over coffee, never fear! Fall in love with your Chemex and take your coffee-making skills to the next level with coffee recipes like coconut cold-brew coffee or a bourbon pecan coffee cocktail.

Shop our assortment of Chemex to set up your perfect coffee station at home. Choose from the Ottomatic six-cup pour over, the classic Chemex in multiple sizes or even the classic with a handle! Pair it with a hand-blown water kettle for style and ease. Serve up your perfect cup of coffee in hand-blown glass mugs and have the matching cream and sugar set near by. Stock up on unbleached coffee filters or opt for the reusable cotton ones. However you decide to craft your morning cup of joe, Chemex and World Market have you covered!

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