Wall Storage

Decoratively de-clutter your home with World Market's selection of unique wall storage units including baskets, cubbies, hooks, racks and shelves.

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Maximizing wall storage is a brilliant way to keep your home organized and tidy without taking up precious floor space. At World Market, you'll find a diverse assortment of storage units to suit any decor theme from vintage-inspired to traditional to modern.

Maintaining an orderly entryway is key to making a winning first impression. Wall racks are a space-saving alternative to a coat rack and are perfect for hanging jackets, backpacks, handbags, hats and scarves upon entering the home. Opt for a storage piece that combines hooks with baskets, shelving or cubbies to store other foyer items like newspapers, dog-walking supplies and umbrellas.

Kitchen cabinet space at a premium? Store spices, condiments and other small pantry essentials in one of our wall cabinets. For a farmhouse-chic look, try a distressed wooden cabinet or an antiqued cubby shelf. Units with hooks provide storage for aprons and dish towels. We also carry storage pieces with chalkboards so you can keep track of grocery lists, leave messages for your family or create a fun drawing.

Every room could use extra storage space. Coordinate our hand-painted wall hooks with our wall racks in the bathroom to store bath towels and bathrobes. Our wire baskets are ideal for organizing supplies in the home office, and cleaning supplies in the laundry room. Versatile ledge shelves add surface space for displaying framed photos, souvenirs and tabletop decor in the bedroom or living room.