Coastal and ocean-inspired wall art can make your home feel like a beach vacation while giving your room a pulled-together appeal. Seashells, waves and sea creatures in shades of blue, white and green give your home a surf-and-sand, nautical appeal at an affordable price.

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Overlooking Water Triptych Canvas Wall Art Set Of 3
Aerial Shoreline Canvas Wall Art
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Coastal Triptych Shadow Box Framed Canvas Wall Art Set Of 3
Oceana Framed Canvas Wall Art
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Bare walls plus coastal artwork in multiples equal a gallery-inspired arrangement that brings you down to the beach. Whether you are miles and miles away from the nearest coastline or a block away from the beach, nautical wall art can make you feel like you never left the sun and the sand.

Combine your beach art with coastal home decor for a full shoreline experience. Whether your style is more seaside modern or brimming with coastal hues and botanical prints from our oceans gate collection, we've got tons of inspiration and ideas to freshen up your home decor. Feature an idyllic beach scene with canvas set above a console or end table. Create a living room full of serenity with coastline, ripples and clear rock paintings on the wall - the perfect backdrop for indoor picnics when the colder months roll in. You can even add touches of turquoise and eye-catching corals, seashells, starfish and other sea creatures to achieve the cool calm of coastal decor in the hottest place in the house- the kitchen. With our every day low prices, inserting coastal art into your existing decor is not only affordable but fun!

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