Celebrate Oktoberfest with World Market—and don’t forget the beer! From goblets to steins, explore our array of beer glasses to get the most out of your brews.

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Alstertor Dusseldorf Mustard, Set of 2
Handlmaier Sweet Bavarian Mustard Set of 2
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Kathi German Pretzel Mix
Maggi Spaetzle, Set of 2
Bechtle German Egg Pasta
Bechtle Blackforest Spaetzle
Bechtle Bavarian-Style Spaetzle
Horst Schluckwerder Baking Marzipan, Set of 10
Kartoffelland Potato Dumplings, Set of 7
Maggi Pepper Cream Sauce Mix, Set of 6
Maggi Jäger-Sahne Schnitzel, Set of 11
Maggi Meatloaf Seasoning, Set of 13
Maggi Beefstew Seasoning, Set of 17
Maggi Cream of Mushroom Soup, Set of 6
Maggi Cream of Asparagus Soup, Set of 14
Knorr Aromat All Purpose Seasoning
English Beer Pint Glasses, Set of 4
Schooner Beer Glasses, Set of 2
Appel Kipper Fillets, Set of 6
Appel Herring Fillets in Tomato Sauce, Set of 5
Appel Herring Fillets in Dijon Mustard Sauce, Set of 5
Appel Smoked Trout, Set of 2
Bahlsen Leibniz Butter Cookies, Set of 8
Hela Curry Mild Sauce Set of 6
Maggi German Spaetzle in Mushroom Sauce
Maggi Pot Roast Seasoning, Set of 17

World Market has everything you need to celebrate the world's biggest Volksfest beer festival and travelling funfair! Host the best Oktoberfest party in town with our assortment of traditional food and the best German beers.

Try your hand at German potato pancakes or pasta to pair with your favorite meat dish, like roast chicken or a traditional Schweinebraten roast pork. It's hard to think of Germany without thinking of its sausage-making custom, it’s a country that crafts more than 1500 different types of sausage! Select some of the finest sausages for your Oktoberfest party and gift yourself and your guests Alstertor Dusseldorf mustard with its creamy, rich and bold flavors – perfect for sausages, franks and delicious German pretzels.

Wash it all down with a nice cold beer. Our resident beer buyer has selected the best German brews. And our selection of drinkware lets you pick out the best beer glasses, from bottles, to steins and mugs. We've got you covered with our affordable prices so you can keep the party going all throughout Oktoberfest.

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