Christmas Advent Calendars 2019

Discover the excitement of having your family count down the days to Christmas with our exclusive holiday advent calendars, with designs from traditional to modern.

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The excitement of counting down the days to Christmas just got better with our range of exclusive holiday advent calendars. With designs from traditional to modern, World Market takes Christmas cheer very seriously. We've got delightful food and drink countdown calendars, of course. Behind each of the windows you'll find delectable chocolate treats, or tasty little jars of Bonne Maman preserves. You can find fine teas, or be greeted by sweet holiday music as you discover your little surprise. We also have less traditional Advent calendars, like a magnetic version crafted by toy gurus Melissa & Doug. There are countdown calendars made of adorable little paper houses that you construct yourself, and a paper honeycomb Christmas tree covered in festive ornaments that make your advent celebration 3D. Featuring delightfully nostalgic artwork and whimsical designs, our advent calendar selection includes a beautiful range of styles from around the world. We have paper calendars filled with chocolate, including German and Swiss brands like Windel, Heidel and Lindt that will excite children of all ages. From a traditional design of Santa driving his sleigh to whimsical images of Christmas villages, from the Peanuts gang gathered for the holidays to a wooden woodland critter countdown, you will find the perfect calendar for your family at World Market.