Oils and Vinegars

Gourmet chefs and casual cooks alike love our affordable, quality olive oils and red wine or balsamic vinegars from the Mediterranean. Try infused flavors for dipping or a classic Italian salad dressing.

World Market® Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil
World Market® Matured Balsamic Vinegar
World Market® French Dipping Oil
World Market® Sundried Tomato Dipping Oil
World Market® Moroccan Dipping Oil
World Market® Garlic Parmesan  Dipping Oil
World Market® Fig Balsamic  Vinegar
World Market® Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1L
World Market® 3L Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Develop a love affair with our World Market olive oils, balsamic vinegars and other oils and vinegars to infuse your meals with delicious flavor. Because olive oil helps carry the flavor of foods and spices, it can be used in so many ways! Drizzle olive oil over vegetables or mix it into a salad dressing. Use it as an essential ingredient in marinades or sauces for meat, fish, poultry and vegetable. Add our Extra Virgin Olive Oil at the end of cooking for a burst of flavor or drizzle some over cooked pasta. Host an olive-oil tasting party with our delicious selection of World Market Olive Oil. Enjoy the rich flavor of EVOO and other oils for tasting, along with some fresh bread for dipping and a glass of wine to help smooth it down. Another staple in any kitchen is our World Market matured balsamic vinegar; made in Italy, it lends a rich flavor to marinades, sauces and more at an unbeatable price. Discover a host of oils and vinegars you'll need whenever inspiration strikes to try a new recipe.

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