Jams and Spreads

Spread a spoonful of World Market jams and spreads made from the finest gourmet ingredients, from carefully-selected, small batch fruits for our jams and jellies to the richest chocolate hazelnut spread.

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World Market® Fig Orange Fruit Spread Set of 2
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World Market® Lingonberry Fruit Spread Set Of 2
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World Market brings you jams and spreads with irresistible flavors perfect for toast, waffles, cake and anything else! Try our mouthwatering black cherry, rhubarb or blood orange jam on toast along with your morning cup of coffee. Grab some World Market banana-chocolate spread or hazelnut-vanilla spread for your waffles, pancakes, or crepes. Pair your afternoon tea with some peach-apricot jam on a crunchy biscuit. Indulge in the richness of some World Market chocolate spread on top of your favorite cupcake.

When it's time to host brunch for family or friends, pick out a few jams and spreads to offer alongside other entertaining essentials. Our assortment of jams and spreads is appealing to your taste buds and wallet alike.