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Afternoon snacking will never be the same with our chocolate or vanilla filled wafer cookies, crispy laceys and peanut butter rolls made from fresh, quality ingredients.

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World Market® Dark Chocolate and Coconut Laceys
World Market® Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Cream Rolled Wafers
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World Market® Dark Chocolate and Espresso Laceys
World Market® Chocolate Orange Cream Rolled Wafers
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World Market® Milk Chocolate Macadamia Laceys
World Market® Milk Chocolate and Peanut Butter Rolled Wafers
World Market® Hazelnut Cream Rolled Wafers
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Captivate your taste buds with our delightfully delicious World Market cookies and wafers from around the world. Find mouth-watering treats and quality sweets at our everyday low prices and stock up.

Our selection brings you delectable and uniquely appetizing cookies and wafers in a variety of flavors, with something to satisfy every palate. With our selection of chocolate treats, you can enjoy chocolate in a variety of forms. Indulge in chocolate orange wafers, milk chocolate macadamia laceys, or dark chocolate coconut laceys. Find everyone's favorite combination of dark chocolate and almonds in an airy wafer cookie that is delightfully crisp and chewy. Pamper your morning coffee or afternoon tea breaks with our assortment of wafers made in Greece; our flaky pastry cookies with cream filling are a delicious addition.

Whether you're hosting a modern day tea party, a brunch bash or white elephant gift party for friends, you can surprise your guest with a build-your-own hot cocoa drink bar adorned with wafers as stirrers, or use a scrumptious bacon s’mores recipe for a special touch. We travel the world, so you don't have to – allowing you to enjoy an eclectic assortment of World Market sweets in the comfort of your own kitchen.