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World Market is the chef’s secret for finding fabulous international foods. Shop with us to find all the tasty global foods you’ve been searching for.

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Regioni D'Italia Truffle Pasta Sauce
2 Pack Goblin Spotted Dick Puddings Set of 2
2 Pack Goblin Spotted Dick Puddings Set of 2
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Mackays Blueberry and Pomegranate Preserve Set of 2
Sadaf Baharat Seasoning Set of 6
Ahmad Tea Britannic Collection Gift Set
Harney & Sons Paris Tea Sachets 20 Count
Giuliano Tartufi Risotto Rice
Vecchio Pasta Gift Set with Spoon
Pizza Making Kit
Italian Regional Honey 3 Piece Gift Set
Vegemite Spread
Mediterranean Tahini Sesame Paste, Set of 3
Mediterranean Halva Bar with Cocoa, Set of 16
Mediterranean Halva Bar with Vanilla, Set of 16
Marmite Spread
Hapi Hot Wasabi Peas
Batchelors Irish Mushy Peas Set of 12
Lavazza Qualita Rosa Whole Bean Coffee
Asha Hakka Sesame Oil Scallion Guanmiao Noodles 4 Pack
Asha Spicy Fennel Guanmiao Noodles 4 Pack
Don Pomodoro 'Nduja Spreadable Pork Sausage
Jayone Napa Cabbage Kimchi Set of 6
Roger Descours Cooked Chestnuts
De Nigris Platinum Eagle Balsamic Vinegar
Palacios Salchichon Sausage
Palacios Iberico Chorizo Sausage

Sourced from over fifty countries around the world, World Market is known for its rich, authentic assortment of world foods. Our unique online selection boasts everything from Australian wines and African coffee beans, to British teas and Indian spices. Browse bottles of sweet and savory sauces, find flavorful appetizers and entrees, shop side dishes and desserts, buy travel- and gift-sized treats, or simply peruse other top-rated international favorites for sale. Cute candies, cool soft drinks, luxury chocolates and other gourmet goods abound. Full flavors, rich aromas, diverse tastes and eclectic essences await. World Market is an unrivaled one-stop shop when it comes to international food and drinks. Breakfast, lunch and dinner, holiday or every day, we've got something for everyone from everywhere. Experience a new culture without leaving your home by whipping up foreign fares from authentic, affordable products. When it comes to international favorites, no one does world foods better than World Market.

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