Gummy Candy

We’ve got all your Haribo gummy bears right here, along with a colony of chewy frogs. Fruity gummies around the world and fun shapes satisfy all your sweet and sour cravings.

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Regardless of what satisfies your sweet tooth, our tasty selection of delicious fruit chews and gummies has something for everyone and for every occasion! Whether you need something to fill the piñata or to create Halloween treats, our gummy candy has got you covered.

Stock up on Hi-Chew candies. Bursting with real fruit flavors, Hi-Chew is everyone's favorite soft and chewy pick-me-up, with sweet flavor combinations from classics like green apple to the tastes of the tropics. Indulge in your favorite bag of World Market's gummi bears with delicious flavors like raspberries making them a fun find to include in springtime gift baskets. Discover a wide assortment of Haribo gummy candy with chewy treats for children and adults alike. Our global candy assortment also brings you flavors from Japan. Kasugai fruit gummy candies are a sweet, chewy treat in eclectic flavors like lychee, mango and strawberry. Try the authentic taste of lightly salted, sweet licorice that gives Gustaf's Dutch gummy drops their unique candy appeal.