Ginger Candy

Savor the sweet heat of ginger candy made from the best ingredients. Enjoy ginger chews, crystalized ginger in chocolate and a sense of calm.

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Ginger does not discriminate, unwrap one of our ginger chews or candy and watch how all the flavors encompass your taste buds! With a delicate balance of peppery, lemony and slightly sweet yet pungent flavors, our ginger candy leaves a spicy aftertaste, evoking warm nostalgia. Grab a bag of ginger chews for a deliciously comforting addition to your afternoon tea or before your meal for a bit of digestion help. Drop them in ice to take your ice cubes up a notch with a pomegranate-orange vodka cocktail recipe.

Discover the mouthwatering magic of crystallized ginger in luxurious dark chocolate. Indulge in some hot coffee ginger chews, mimicking the taste of a hot cup of coffee; it's the perfect afternoon pick-me-up with stimulating flavor sensations. Try some ginger chips made at Australia's famous factory of the finest baby ginger; with its incredible versatility, you can sprinkle the chips onto everything from oatmeal to fruit salad. Our assortment lets you enjoy the taste of ginger in a myriad of ways!