Indulge in exotic flavors from our assortment of European and Asian foods, fine wines, unique gift baskets, specialty coffees and other tasty international offerings at palatable prices.

Haribo Mini Bags Gold Bears, 1 lb. Bag
Capelin Caviar
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Asian Passage Traditional Almond Cookies
El Brezal  Spanish Honey
Oregon Growers Strawberry Rhubarb Jam
Dave's Gourmet Scorpion Pepper Hot Sauce
Country Archer Sweet Jalapeno Beef Jerky
Chiquilin Smoked Paprika, Set of 2
Sweetstacks Guam Banana Donut Mix
Lucini Everyday Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Collins Snow White Gourmet Cocktail Onions
Yard of Bubblegum
Pacific Foods Organic Chicken Bone Broth
Imperial Sweet Savory Bar Nut Mix
Breitsamer Honey Sticks 18 Pack
World Market® Matured Balsamic Vinegar
Palermo Black Peppercorns
Forno Bonomi Tiramisu Dessert Kit Set of 2
The Spice Lab Himalayan Pink Salt
Country Archer Hickory Smoke Turkey Jerky
Fleur De Sel De Guérande Sea Salt
Sabatino Black Truffle Oil
Chocolate Story Dark Chocolate Spanner Wrench
Chocolate Story Dark Chocolate Spanner Wrench
Mezzetta Marinated Artichoke Hearts
Partanna Extra Virgin Olive Oil

For tantalizing tastes to please every palate, look no further than World Market. Our extensive selection of specialty foods and imported eats lets you indulge in your favorite fare at easy-to-digest prices.

Sink your teeth into sweet foods from every corner of the globe - gummy candy, licorice, marzipan, ginger candy, gum, mints and chocolate bars in every flavor - along with novelty candy perfect for party favors and gifts. Satisfy your sweet tooth with an array of cakes and cookies, from Dutch wafers and Italian cakes to Scottish shortbread and British biscuits. You can also whip up your own tasty treats from our wide range of baking products - we have tempting baking mixes for breads, cakes and breakfast foods, along with plenty of pretty, practical bakeware to bake them in.

If your tastes tend more toward savory foods, get cooking with soups and grains from around the world, from nourishing vegetable and noodle soups to pasta, rice and couscous. Bring fabulous flavor to the table with our easy-to-make meals, from cozy breakfasts to internationally inspired dinners. Living gluten-free? Our selection of gluten-free foods, from snacks and sweets to suppers and sauces, gives you all the flavor you want without the gluten you don't.

Stock your shelves and storage containers with our spices and seasonings, from classic American rubs to international spices and salts. Infuse every dish with flavor with a little help from our vast variety of condiments and sauces. From gourmet mustards and fine oils and vinegars to zesty barbeque sauces and spicy hot sauces, we have something to spread, dip or drizzle on all of your favorite foods.

Pack your picnic basket with an assortment of our globally sourced meats and fine cheeses, paired with a crusty baguette and one of our irresistible jams, jellies or spreads. Or add a satisfying side to any lunch bag with sandwich-complementing snacks like pretzels, chips, nuts, trail mix and popcorn. Our fine foods also make fine gifts - choose one of our gourmet gift sets or mix and match to create your own.

Whether you're eating on the go or entertaining at home - pairing our gourmet food with just the right wine and beer and showing it off in style on our chic serveware, of course - we have everything you need to make it delicious. Bon appetit!

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