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The perfect side dish at any meal, grains - everything from couscous to rice - make meal prepping simple, easy and delicious. Our selection of World Market grains include unique blends from the around the world so you can enjoy your international favorites from the comfort of your home. Our exclusive tri-color couscous, a Mediterranean-style blend, is the perfect companion to roast beef, grilled chicken and everything in between. The tri-color couscous is also perfect for a summer salad filled with artichoke, feta and roasted peppers. Step up your Thanksgiving Day side dishes game by infusing an Israeli-style, savory blend of couscous with cranberries and almonds stuffed in baked apple. Who doesn't love some Thai pineapple fried rice? With delicate, aromatic and slightly sweet imperial jasmine rice, a one-pot teriyaki chicken pineapple rice recipe is delicious and easy to make on a school night. Stock your healthy pantry with all your World Market grains for mouth-watering dinners.

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