Serving Utensils and Sets

Our serving pieces and sets dish up the main course in style with durable serving spoons, forks and utensils of every kind, at values you’ll eat up.

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Your labor of love from the kitchen deserves to be served in style. Discover our unique and affordable selection of serving utensils constructed of durable materials and scooped up by our shoppers from around the globe. Our serveware collection takes casual dining style to the next level, whether you're entertaining indoors or out. Bring the wow factor to the dining table with our full range of utensils, including different styles of serving spoons, serving forks, cheese knives, sauce and serving ladles, pie and cake servers and more. You'll have no problem finding a set to match your existing kitchen decor or creating your own by mixing and matching different sets.

Knowing how to set up a buffet spread in your home is an entertaining essential. With our contemporary buffet utensils, you'll be serving a la chic. Folks can gather around the table and serve themselves with sleek modern serveware or more traditional choices. Show off your vintage pie server or stainless steel sauce ladle - ideal for scooping soups and gravies. Your guests can try a variety of appetizers or desserts with porcelain tasting spoons and cocktail utensils in an array of eclectic designs. Bring it all together with our dinnerware and linen collections and dish out the best buffet spread in town.