Wine Accessories

Hosting a very vino happy hour? Accessorize wisely with wine charms, wine bottle stoppers, wine glasses, wine bottle openers and more.

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Got wine? We've got all the tools of the trade you'll need to enjoy the wine lifestyle to the fullest. Designed by and for people who love wine, you'll find the latest stylish, contemporary and classic wine accessories for popping corks, chilling, pouring, preserving and even gifting.

Equip your home bar or wine cellar with bar tools and wine accessories so you're ready to enjoy the wine at any time. Discover a wide variety of trendy yet useful ways of opening up the bottle. With one easy, continuous turn - our rabbit self-pulling corkscrew does the hard work for you. While you're busy playing host, our speed-pull decorker makes the job effortless and fast. With graceful design and an easy-to-grip body, these stainless steel tools are a must-have. If you need something small and portable for parties or picnics, enjoy our stylish 2-step corkscrew or a waiter's corkscrew.

Once the bottle is open, the party gets going. Serious wine lovers know that adding oxygen to your wine through aeration enhances the flavors and unlocks the full bouquet. Find accessories to help augment your wine's flavors, like an aerating pourer or a pourer-stopper combo. Pour your drink into a festive wine glass and let guest have a fun way to keep track of their drinks with "fill in the blank" plastic drink markers. Keep white chilled with either a chic corkcicle wine pourer or a rustic vintage tabletop tub. If there's anything left once the guests are gone, a reusable bottle seal is perfect. With so many party supplies, bar tools, beer and wine accessories - it's easy to find everything you need at prices you'll love.